Thank You Staff

Recognized Staff

The Staff Council KUDO program is designed to publicly recognize the outstanding work of University of Idaho staff employees who have gone above and beyond in helping others and making the University of Idaho a great place to work. If you would like to recognize staff for their outstanding work, click on Submit a Kudo in the menu.

July 2015

PK Northcutt II, Manager Senior IT | College of Engineering
He was very patient and customer service oriented. He solved an issue very quickly that would have caused difficulties for me when training someone on Wednesday. The bright greeting was very welcome, "Happy Monday."—Matt Steele, IT Database Analyst - AIS

Daniel Granja, Server Systems Manager and Brian Jemes, Network Manager | ITS
ITS specialists held Facilities upgrade and improve automated controls for the heating and cooling systems on campus. Kudos given to Daniel Granja (Server Systems Manager) and Brian Jemes (Network Manager ) of ITS. —Chuck Schoeffler, Building Automation Systems HVAC

David Sargent, Chemstores Storekeeper 2 | Chemistry
I've known this person since 2009 and he is doing a great job in Chem store at the Chemistry department when he helped us as a graduate student to get our chemical supply to help us with our research. He is very smart and very helpful. —Ramadan Ali Altwer, PhD Chemistry

June 2015

Betty Boren, Program Assistant | International Programs Office
With unexpected schedule changes for a copier switch, our amazing IPO Program Assistant, Betty Boren, took the lead in getting our systems back online. She has put a great deal of effort into fixing the problem, working with various departments. Thank you, Betty, for your positive, fix-it attitude! —Ashleigh Bright & Katie Schiffelbein, ALCP-International Programs Office

Tiffani Stubblefield, Office Administrator | CALS Advancement
While a number of people on our team were out of the office, the ceiling began leaking in our main office area. In my absence, Tiffani gracefully handled the situation which included numerous people from Environmental Health and Safety and UI Facilities, due to the asbestos in our old building. Thanks to Tiffani and anyone else who helped solve this problem in an expedited manner! —Kim O'Neill, Assistant Dean, CALS Advancement

Cretia Bunney, Payroll Manager | Payroll
I want to extend a huge thank you and kudos to Payroll Manager, Cretia Bunney. Cretia took time out of her very busy schedule to assist me with some summer EPAF issues and to help me understand the process better. Not only did Cretia go out of her way to help me, but she did it in a very positive and professional way. She is an asset to the University and I was grateful for her expertise and willingness to help. KUDOS Cretia! —Sue Branting, Management Assistant, Computer Science Department

Jaron Leavitt, Technology Support Services | ITS
A critical piece of technology failed to operate as needed during an important business trip outside the contiguous United States. Because the issue developed outside of normal UI operating hours (and some time zones away) the possibility of receiving assistance seemed bleak. This issue threatened to seriously disrupt an important presentation for our director's counterparts from other U.S. institutions, high-level foreign representatives and leadership. This would have resulted in a critical loss of face to our institution had Jaron Leavitt not responded in a timely manner. He tracked down the issue and everything was operational again with time to spare. We sincerely appreciate his expertise, patience, and professionalism. The UI has some great individuals like Jaron who keep things tip-top! —Dusty Fleener, Administrative Coordinator - Confucius Institute

Max Stillwell, Computer Tech
Max's lightning response time to our emails for help is amazing! He is efficient, always pleasant and strives to find a solution. He follows up every request, no matter how small, and displays a great work ethic! He has worked hard to get our computers cleaned and updated and we really appreciate all he has done! —Department of Student Involvement Staff

Brenda Helbling, Executive Assistant to the President | Office of the President
Nichole Vietz, Financial Management Assistant; Kevin Ketchie, Assistant to the President

A big thank you to the staff in the President's Office. In my six months joining the team they have made me feel welcome. It has been a pleasure to work with them and learn how the office functions. They have been patient in teaching me how processes are done. The office is always running, and when a new person comes aboard it brings a different challenge and I am thankful for the patients the team provides as I get my feet under me. —David Pittsley, Office Manager Assistant; Office of the President

OSP Postaward | Office of Sponsored Programs
CNR would like to recognize the staff of Postaward within OSP for always being so helpful to our faculty and fiscal staff. They have the tough job of processing every grant, contract, or research award that comes through the door and they do so as quickly as possible. We recognize that it can be a stressful job with tight deadlines from both the UI and funding agency side and they always do their job with professionalism and a positive attitude. Thanks! —Cathryn Knock, Assoc Director, Administrative Service, College of Natural Resources

Kay Dee Holmes, Assoc Contract Review Officer | Office of Research and Economic Development
On behalf of all of CNR, I would like to recognize Kay Dee Holmes and thank her for always being so helpful and attentive to our faculty and fiscal staff when we are working with her on a grant contract. Contract negotiations can sometimes be time consuming and stressful for the faculty member as they are waiting for them to be approved. I have had several faculty members mention to me how helpful Kay Dee is and how quickly she responds and moves contracts through the system. We are so lucky to have someone like Kay Dee at the university working in such an important role. Thanks Kay Dee - from all of CNR! —Cathryn Knock, Assoc Director, Administrative Services, College of Natural Resources

Joe Pallen and Melissa Hartley, Photographers | Creative Services
Joe and Melissa in photo services are amazing! They are so patient and kind during photo shoots and have amazing ways to work with lighting to make people feel comfortable with their photos. You two ROCK! —Jennie Hall, Assistant to the Dean, CLASS

Shelby Siflow | Vandalstore
Shelby helped streamline the longevity gift process that allowed employees to pick up their longevity gift and eliminated countless hours of work preparing and lugging the gifts to the Staff Awards ceremony and back in they were not retrieved. —Janice Todish, Staff Awards co-chair

Monte Cooley, DFA Programmer Analyst | Auxiliary Services
Monte created all aspects of the web site, email and link that streamlined the longevity gift process for the Awards co-chair which eliminated countless hours of collecting and organizing the gifts for pick up at the Awards ceremony. —Janice Todish, Staff Awards co-chair

Sodexo Dining Services Team | Campus Dining
I would like to thank all the folks from Sodexo that helped set up and serve refreshments at the Staff Awards Ceremony. They are always willing to lend a hand and be there at our beck n call. —Janice Todish, Staff Awards co-chair

Student Union Conf & Events Serv | Facilities and Events Mgr
The Pitman Center conference and events team is always there to lend a helping hand with the Staff Awards ceremony. Whether it's last minute panic details or helping haul supplies up two flights of stairs, we can count on and appreciate everyone's "Can Do" attitude. —Janice Todish, Staff Awards co-chair

Brandi Chastain, Accounts Payable Specialist | Accounts Payable
With the loss of our long-term finance tech, Brandi has been outstanding as I've stepped up and rustily hodged-podged through the purchasing/AP processes. Not only did she stay pleasant and supportive through MY mess-ups—working diligently to muck through my errors, she's stayed steadfast through the training processes and learning curve of our new financial specialist. Every day I appreciate her upbeat and humorous communications and her unwavering ability to be chill as I spazz over our hiccups and mess ups. She is a fabulous personality in a position we seem to impact daily. —Cindy Bogar, Dept. Manager, Chemistry

May 2015

Wayne Hunt, Team Cleaning Specialist | Facilities
Kudos to Wayne Hunt, Team Cleaning Specialist, who help me clear a downed tree across Campus Drive last Sunday early morning. This event occurred on Sunday morning, 1:30 a.m. I was called in by the Steam Plant, arrived at the scene and stared at the mess for a few minutes. Wayne and a security guard were there as well. Wayne was on his way to his next building when he stopped to check out the situation. I think he noticed the large amount of work needed and offered to help move the limbs out of the street, as I bucked them up. We worked as a team, and the street clearance when quickly and smoothly, much to the credit of Wayne. David Rauk, Horticulturist, Landscape and Exterior Services, Facilities

Shelby Silflow, Sean Instani, Justin Bronstrom, Caleb Parker & Julie Bollman | VandalStore
We would like to recognize the above computer store staff at the VandalStore. They went above and beyond, to get us a new laptop. We were in the middle of a project when our laptop's hard drive crashed, so we decided to replace the laptop with one from the VandalStore. We ran into some problems with the new machine, which we won't go into here, but the VandalStore computer staff really came through for us, and made sure we got the best outcome form a difficult situation; even though our problem occurred during one of their busy times of the year. Once again, thank you to the VandalStore computer staff (Shelby Silflow, Sean Instani, Justin Bronstrom, Caleb Parker & Julie Bollman). —Sincerely, Kathy and Peter Haworth

Matthew Proctor, Journeyman Electrician | Facilities
The College of Science is remodeling two rooms for office spaces. Matt’s responsibility is the electrical side of this project. As Matt worked through each layer of electrical issues, he ran across numerous other electrical issues, such as way to many things on one circuit and not enough power from the circuits to support the need for each space. As the electrician, I know I know it is Matt’s job to take care of the issues but, this project had big problems, and two days turned into about 10 days of his time. He disconnected, reconnected, and pulled wires to accommodate the needs of the spaces which was a huge task. He was informed to put electrical outlets on certain walls and after he had done so, he was informed that they were in the wrong place (I was there when he was told to put it on the wall right where he had it). So, without hesitation, he changed it out and put it where the employee wanted it moved to.

I would have been really frustrated not only by the amount of days it took to get the so called two day project done but the change up from incorrect directions with the electrical outlet location. He stepped up, said no problem, made the change and moved on towards finishing the project. Even with the above issues and the change up due to an employee’s wrong direction, he always came in with a genuine smile and always seemed happy to see us. I commend him on his attitude! —Lorrie R. Williams, Administrative Assistant Sr., College of Science

Twila Brown, Assistant to the Dean | College of Education
When I started this job last fall, there was a LOT to learn and catch up on and if it hadn't been for Twila's help in getting me familiar with the new processes and people in the College of Education, I would still be lost. She is kind, patient, and always makes time to help. —Rhonda Zenner, Assistant to Associate Dean, College of Education

Elmer Johnson, Water Systems Manager | Facilities
Elmer was able to get the reclaimed irrigation water system up and running the earliest it has ever been in my 15 years at the University. That will make a huge difference this year with our early spring and unusually dry April. —Paul Warnick, Arboretum Horticulturist, Facilities

Lee Cantrell and Travis Akin, Media Center | ITS
We in the TRIO Projects would like to give a HUGE thank you to Lee and Travis from the Media Center. Thanks to their top notch service, our TRIO conference was a huge success! You all went above and beyond! —Heather Maib, Associate Director, Nations Upward Bound

Rose Graham and the Copy Center Staff | Creative Services & Print Management
Thank you so much to Rose and her team for all the work they did for the TRIO Projects this April. Their staff printed 25 large posters as well as 80 programs in a very short period of time. We appreciate all that you do! —Heather Maib, Associate Director, Nations Upward Bound

Janice Jones, Financial Specialist Sr, CALS Administrative Services | College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
Janice is the go to gal in CALS for anything financial. We are currently short staffed in Parma and who but Janice would step up and take on their financial duties on top of her other duties, reporting and budgeting. Janice is the greatest person to work with and I would NOT trade her for anything!!! Love this woman!! —Charity Buchert, CALS Administrative Services

Marty Lunt, CALS Administrative Services | College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
Marty is a huge asset to the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. She has taken on additional duties with a smile as always! I value her more than words can say! —Charity Buchert, CALS Administrative Services

Kate Kopeczewski, Student Support Advising Specialist in | CLASS
Kate Kopeczewski has been wonderful to work with as she is always so helpful and kind. I appreciate all of her hard work and effort in helping my students and me. —Debbie Caudle, Academic & Services Advisor Student Serivices, Idaho Falls

April 2015

Lauren Hamilton, Student Alumni Program Coordinator | Alumni Relations
Lauren Hamilton is the type of person you can share your daily problems with, and she will listen, then give sound and encouraging advice. She is the type of person you can be 100% honest with, without worry of disclosure. She is the type of person who will listen to ideas, and then facilitate them. She is the type of person who will lead by example. She is a mentor, an advisor, and most importantly a friend.

I have known Lauren for about 2 years now, through various activities as an undergraduate. During these past two years I have worked with Lauren as one of her advisees, as a member of the University of Idaho Homecoming Committee and a member and executive board member of the Student Alumni Relations Board. As the advisor for both the Homecoming Committee and Student Alumni Relations Board, she mentors over 100 students during a given year, each with their own struggles, achievements, and ambitions. Since my first interactions with Lauren I have always considered her a perfect example of what a leader should be, thoughtful, kindhearted, and a mentor. Now, that I have graduated from the University of Idaho, and now working for the University, I am able to call Lauren a friend, as well as a mentor. Thanks to Lauren’s mentorship, I have been able to gain valuable experiences, such as internships and awards during my undergraduate career, as well as my first post-grad job with the university. Her ability to encourage high standards and efforts in academic, as well as outside of student life is outstanding.

Lauren’s work can be seen at many of the major University of Idaho events, such as Mom’s Weekend, Dad’s Weekend, the Annual Easter Egg Hunt on the Admin Law, and the entire Homecoming Week. She is constantly working in the background, mentoring, and working with students to make sure the events are the best they can be. The most recent event Lauren has worked on was the 2015 Mom’s Weekend, along with members of the Student Alumni Relations Board. I am writing this Kudo because Lauren will be leaving the University of Idaho for greater and better things, but I wanted to share the impact she has on her students, and remind her that she will be missed. —Sam Koester, Management Assist, College of Graduate Studies

Jory Shelton, Server Systems Analyst | College of Natural Resources
He's always generous with his time and knowledge especially in regards to the obscure computer software issues. —Ariana Burns, Printing Reprographics Technician II, Creative Services & Print Mgmt

Joseph Pallen, Photographic Specialist Senior | Creative Services
I'm continually impressed by Joe's ability to innovate and create award winning work. After 18 years of service to the university, he is steadfast in his work and excitement to learn and adopt new systems. —Melissa Hartley, Photographic Specialist, Creative Services

Ellen McKenzi, Admin Assistant, Senior & Sarah Dengler, Administrative Assistant II | College of Art & Architecture
Excellent performance, follow through, oversight, and management with all logistical affairs related to Inspiring Design Futures, CAA signature event. Hats off to you Ellen for work well done. Hats off to Sarah Dengler as well and all the Inspiring Design Futures team. —Rula Awwad-Rafferty, Professor, CAA

Jamie Garlinghouse, Graduation & Commencement Coordinator | Registrar's Office
Jamie is always helpful, kind and knowledgeable. She is a pleasure to work with and an incredible asset to the Registrar's office and the University. —Kate Kopaczewski, Advising Specialist, College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences

Sacha Jackson, Campus Operations & Registration Manager | McCall Field Campus
Mrs. Jackson is an outstanding model employee for the University of Idaho. She exemplifies what we should all strive to be when it comes to our profession. The College of Natural Resources and the McCall Field Campus is lucky to have Mrs. Jackson as our Campus and Registration Manager. Teams need strong team players to perform well. Sacha demonstrates reliability, communicates constructively, listens actively, functions as an active participant, shares openly and willingly, cooperates and pitches in to help, exhibits flexibility, shows commitment to the team, works as a problem-solver, treats others in a respectful and supportive manner. —Greg Fizzell, Program Director - McCall Outdoor Science School

Heather Mulder, Recycling Technician | Facilities
Having come in to my office to discuss departmental contributions, Heather found out I needed packing lists inadvertently thrown out. She retrieved them from the bins—a task that was NOT her job—and brought them to my desk. She chose to take the extra step... While being cheery, personable and a marvelous upbeat representative of her department. —Cindy Bogar, Dept. Manager, Chemistry

Tom Witt, University Access Coord & Brad Baker, Locksmith/Carpenter | Facilities
Tom and Brad are always willing to stop in and help me with any issues I'm having with my doors. Typically I see them within an hour of calling with a problem. They are prompt, courteous, helpful, and a pleasure to work with. I appreciate the services they provide and their willingness to explain to me how to maintain and prevent future issues. —Audrey Harris, LAR Facility Manager, Lab Animal Research Facility

Dwaine Hubbard, Senior Associate Registrar | Registrar's Office
Dwaine is patient, kind and helpful. He is very knowledgeable and a great colleague. He is an asset to the University of Idaho...sending kudos!!! —Kate Kopaczewski, Advising Specialist, College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences

Kim Osborne, Financial Specialist | College of Art & Architecture
Thank you for the timeliness, the accuracy, and the great friendly attitude while managing the complexities of fiscal and logistical resources during our college' signature event, and for everyday efforts in budget management in a truly seamless and painless way. You are truly valued and appreciated. —Rula Awwad-Rafferty, Professor, CAA

Brandi Chastain, Accounts Payable Specialist | Accounts Payable
Over the course of the past month, I have had to request rush processing on a number of subaward invoices. Brandi has graciously processed these invoices in a quick and professional manner. I really appreciate her willingness to provide excellent customer service. Thanks Brandi! —Wendy Kerr, Sr. Cost Accountant, Office of Sponsored Programs

Janiece Atkins and Erin Butterfield, Life Safety Technicians | Facilities
These Ladies are awesome, working hard to make a safe workplace for all of us. Janiece Atkins and Erin Butterfield are the campus Life Safety Techs in Facilities. They are responsible for monthly checks of all of the Fire Extinguishers on campus. Recently, they have undertaken the challenge to push for completion on safety related service requests generated by the Annual DBS Inspections. They have been verifying the information submitted and making sure the facilities staff understand what needs to be done. They make my job so much easier. I appreciate all the energy and focus they have been putting into this task. Kudos to them for keeping us all safe. —Patricia Baker, Occupational Safety Tech, Environmental Health and Safety

Eric Matson, Administrative Assistant (Idaho Commons and Student Commons); Margo Holthaus, Assistant to the CIO & Sean Sullivan, TSS Supervisor (ITS); Rich Benson & Daryl Power, Telecom Technicians (ITS); Julia McIlroy, Director Purchasing Services; Sara Napier, Chef Chris, & staff/servers (Sodexo)
We want to thank each one of you for working such long hours to provide all the logistical help and support over the last four days for The UI Telephone Systems Upgrade project’s RFP vendor presentations. The 9 hour days may have seemed very long, but you all responded to our group’s needs with promptness and a positive attitude. Even with our adjustments along the way, the events continued without a glitch and were successful because of your dedication and professional participation. Thank you very much for your excellent teamwork! —The UI Telephone Systems Upgrade Project - Brian Cox, Project Sponsor, Director - ITS; Dave Lien, Project Sponsor, Director - ITS, Jane Cox, Sr. Project Manager – ITS

Mandi Coulter, Travis Gray & Julie Lorentz | Professional Development & Learning
A HUGE thank you to Mandi Coulter, Travis Gray, and Julie Lang Lorentz for their hard work in building and deploying the Our Inclusive Workplace Online Training Module and maintaining the employee training data for over 6,000 University of Idaho employees. We did it! —Elissa Keim, Director, Professional Development & Learning

Amber Ziegler, Administrative Coordinator | Movement Sciences
Amber Ziegler created a very informative presentation for the University Affirmative Action Coordinators group today. Great Job Amber - greatly appreciated! —Twila Brown, Assistant to the Dean, College of Education

March 2015

Ilya Pinchuk, Web Application Manager | University Communications & Marketing
I'm currently sitting in a training that Ilya is leading and am marveling at the documentation he's put together for the Web Communications team. Seriously - wow! We've never had this much in-depth information documented for the university's content management system. He's created a resource that will be invaluable for the team as well as any campus partners with access to the Sitecore system. Thank you, Ilya! —Johanna Blickenstaff, Asso. Director Digital Marketing, Communications & Marketing

Bob Hoffmann, Web Technician | University Communications and Marketing
Our unit has been given the role of reviewing and developing Service Centers. One of the tasks we have struggled with is getting a website up with current information that helps the departments. In just a week's time, Bob has worked with us in designing and creating our new website which will be instrumental in our process. In addition, he has been wonderful to work with. We can't say thank you enough! —Heather Taff, Senior Cost Accountant, OSP Cost Accounting

Cherryl Sodorff, Director of Administrative Services | CALS
Cherryl has worked countless hours for the U.S. Sheep Experiment Station. She has had to work around crazy situations that seem to arrive at this location. She never quit trying to make it work and make it better for us. She has been a dear friend for many years! She will truly be missed especially by me. I wish her well on her retirement. Thanks again for all you have done Cherryl. —Annette Eddins, Operations Supervisor, USSES, Dubois

Charles Hatfield, Customer Service Rep | Facilities
Consistently excellent Customer Service. Charles has a smile for every one who walks through the door. As a new employee, I am often at a loss as to where to direct my questions. Charles takes the time to explain and makes sure I have a full understanding before sending me through the maze of Facilities. He makes my job much easier. —Patricia Baker, Occupational Safety Tech, Environmental Health and Safety

Donn Thill, faculty, Associate Dean | Idaho Agricultural Experiment Station
Donn Thill has worked so hard to keep the U.S. Sheep Experiment Station open. Many meeting and countless hours working to form a group to keep the research going on at the Dubois Station. He is an amazing man for all he is doing. He is be greatly missed when he retires. —Annette Eddins, Operations Supervisor, U.S. Sheep Experiment Station

Valerie Hathaway | Idaho Falls Center
We are in the middle of several staff and faculty searches in Idaho Falls so things are hectic and we are short staffed. Valerie has been helping in Student Services a few days a week for the last few months in addition to her regular job. Her pleasant attitude and willingness to help out where needed has been (and continues to be) a lifesaver and much appreciated! —Alice Allen, Academic Program Coordinator, Idaho Falls Center

Diane Noel, Shane Jackson, Debra Rumford, & Michelle Boese-Empey | CALS Educational Communications
This extraordinary group of women enabled us to bring a 154 page publication (Idaho Forestry Best Management Practices Field Guide) and companion website ( to fruition in an amazingly short period of time. Diane, Shane, Debra, and Michelle worked long hours to meet short deadlines, provided excellent guidance, and, at all times, conducted themselves professionally. They excel at their jobs and met our every expectation; attributes that resulted in what I know will be an award winning group of educational products. These are the behind-the-scenes people that make us look good, all without mention of their outstanding efforts on the many publications and websites they shepherd through the publication process. I have never enjoyed working on a big project more than I have with this group of people. Thank you!!! —Yvonne Barkley, Associate Extension Specialist – Forestry; Department of Forest, Rangeland and Fire Sciences

Michelle Leachman | GA Wellness
Thank you to the Wellness Staff for working so hard on the Zumbathon to benefit Gritman Cardiac Rehab. Michelle in heading up the event, the instructors for helping out in teaching and setting up and Kappa Delta and the Pikes for the decorations and assistance! —Peg Hamlett, Director Fitness & Wellness Campus Rec

Samantha Osborn, Starbucks Lead | VandalStore
Sam is always working hard. She works hard to improve the Starbucks experience for our customers, while making sure her employees are doing okay. This past week was Jazz Fest. The line at starbucks was out the door from 9:30am to 4:30pm, with no breaks. Sam made sure to walk around and ask how we were doing, and if she saw something she could do, she jumped on and helped us keep the line moving smoothly and swiftly, while making sure that the University of Idaho experience remains a great place for Jazz Fest. She is a great manager and deserves some kudos. —Samuel Koester

February 2015

Kelli Sirotzki, Benefits Specialist | Human Resources
First time I encountered with Kelli was during the open enrollment sessions back in November. I had a specific inquiry then, and she was kind enough to respond to me within hours, not even a day. Since then, I had several contacts with the HR office, and Kelli was the one to help. I am very impressed of how efficient she is. Her promptness in response, and her knowledge of the university policies and procedures have earned my ultimate trust in her performance. Thank you Kelli. And, keep up the good work. —Fouad Bayomy, Professor, Civil Engineering

Jennie Hall, Assistant to the Dean | CLASS
Exceptional Customer Service and willingness to be a creative team player in a busy and demanding environment. —Kevin Ketchie, Assistant to the President

Kay Dee Holmes, Associate Contract Review Officer | Research and Economic Development
Kay Dee has recently taken over a larger volume of work for OSP, including subawards and the bulk of contract review while the search for a new OSP Director is completed. She has managed this increased work-load while maintaining accuracy, customer-service, and efficiency. Her work is a direct reflection of her commitment to the University of Idaho and our constituents by ensuring that all contracts are properly reviewed and approved with terms that the University can comply with. She is an asset to the OSP team as well as the University and she deserves to be recognized for her commitment and dedication to her position and the University. As a member of the OSP team, I value her input and work-ethic and am lucky to get to work with her on a daily basis. Thank you Kay Dee! —Sarah Martonick, Post Award Manager, Sponsored Programs

Debra Eisinger, Executive Assistant to the VP | Finance and Administration
University Support Services is the second largest student employer on campus, and without Debra Eisinger's dedication and support, I would never be able to complete the volume of EPAF's and People Admin postings and approvals that we do. I try to tell her in emails how much I appreciate her support and dedication to the approval process, as she has a very fast turn around time with her approvals, but I thought I should send her a kudos so she knows how much it means to me that she is so dedicated to our success, as a unit. She really makes us look good when we can complete the volume we do with her support. I really, really appreciate her! —Cheryl Gardner, Business Manager, University Support Services

Perry Henry, Enterprise Development Manager | ITS
Perry created ARGOS reports for all the OSPRE cost share tables so that the data can be easily pulled. I have been requesting this information for years and Perry was finally able to provide the data. Having this data available to me has saved me many hours of time and has given me the ability to provide more meaningful data to other on campus. Thank you Perry! —Wendy Kerr, Sr. Cost Accountant, Office of Sponsored Programs

Jeremy Kermott, Technical Support Specialist | ITS
Jeremy kindly walked me through setting up a UI Wiki page for our internal processes and sent me several documents to help me in the process. I appreciate Jeremy taking time to help me out! —Wendy Kerr, Sr. Cost Accountant, Office of Sponsored Programs

Mark Pfeifer, Marketing and Communications Specialist | Career Center
Kudos to Mark for going above and beyond to help design the flyer and marketing materials, and advertising strategy, for the Majors Fair that CLASS is having on Feb. 12. The flyer looks great and hopefully it will get the attention of students to take advantage of this great resource event. —Eric Anderson, Manager, Career Advising & Professional Development, Career Center

Barbara Warnick, Associate Director for Scholarships | Student Financial Aid Services
Barbara is a very hard worker who goes above and beyond what she needs to do in order to serve students, help her staff and be a supportive member to the Financial Aid Team. She is an inspiration to all of us. —Jackie Bowles, Financial Aid Counselor

January 2015

Cindy Johnson, Director | Creative Services & Print Management
Heartfelt thanks to Cindy Johnson for working a miracle to meet the artwork needs for a new marketing piece in Boise! Thanks to your direction, the artwork made it just in time and the new table top screen was ready to share with legislators during Education Week at the Capitol and will be used extensively at future events. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all for efforts! —Sandy Schultz, Administrative Assistant, UI Boise Center

Cheri Cole, Management Assistant | College of Graduate Studies
I want to send a big THANK YOU to Cheri for her help submitting a petition for one of our Coeur d'Alene students. She was such a positive and understanding presence for both me and the student while we worked through the process. —Angie Sowers, Enrollment Services Coordinator, UI Coeur d'Alene

Emily Mowrer, Senior Graphic Designer | Creative Services & Print Management
I'd like to say a huge THANK YOU to Emily for responding so quickly to a marketing need in Boise. In just one day, Emily was able to provide us a great tool to communicate to legislators for Education Week. Thank you, Emily! —Danielle Horras, Director of Strategic Initiatives, University of Idaho Boise Center

Shawn O'Neal, Student Media Manager | College of Letters, Arts & Social Sciences
A major Kudos to Sean for all the logistical help and support during the Winter Alternative Service Break trips. Sean was our main point of contact on campus during the trips, and he was such an invaluable resource for us advisors. Sean always had his phone on him to answer our calls, and when trips didn't work out exactly as planned, Sean was always there to help make alternate arrangements, and offer support. He truly went above and beyond, and the success of many Winter ASB projects is because of him. —Eric Anderson, Career Center, Manager, Career Advising and Professional Development

Nancy Morrison, Budget Specialist | College of Education
Thank you to Nancy Morrison for once again standing in the gap and helping us get our spring semester up and running. The Department of Movement Sciences is grateful for your expertise and willingness to help. We wouldn't have survived the past 9 months without your help. You are appreciated! —Cindy Blum, Administrative Assistant II, Movement Sciences

Darrell Stout, Business Operations Supervisor | College of Natural Resources
A hearty thank you to Darrell and his team for all of the hard work they put in to clear up years (decades, even!) of clutter and make space for new faculty and graduate student teaching and research activities. —Anthony S. Davis, Department Head, Forest, Rangeland, and Fire Sciences

Bart Schumacker, Journeyman Painter & Kenny Hites, Haz.Matl's Coord/Carpenter | Facilities
Over the course of 2014, the Naval ROTC unit made significant improvements to our spaces in Hays Hall. As a result, the working environment for our students and staff is now much more efficient and enjoyable. None of this would have been possible without the hard work of Bart Schumacker and Kenny Hites. They helped us enormously with their diligence, practical skills, and patience as we sought to realize our goals. They are a credit to the university team and we greatly appreciate the time they spent with us. Thank You! —Commander Alex Greig, US Navy, Executive Officer, Naval ROTC

Jenine Cordon, Application Administrator & Rick Dougherty, Financial & IT Operations | ITS / Campus Recreation
Jenine & Rick went out of their way to ensure a smooth transition of our recreation software (RecTrac) to the new ITS server. Of all the major updates and upgrades the past 7+ years, this was by far the smoothest and least stressful. Attention to detail and foreseeing issues before they arose led them to such a successful transition. THANKS! —Brian Mahoney, Associate Director, Facilities & Operations

December 2014

Ben Baker, ITS Application Administrator | ITS
The ITS Enterprise Application Administration team manages some applications which do not have optimized notification systems in place. For example, some systems only send notices upon successful completion of system tasks, but no message from a failed event. The consequence is that system administration requires more manual labor to identify system errors, which could lead to errors. After looking for an “off-the-shelf” solution and finding none, Ben Baker took time out of his schedule to write a script designed to protect Application Administrators from losing track of system notifications like these. His work makes our customers, and fellow UIDAHO team members able to work in a more technically stable application environment, which means everyone can feel confident in getting the work done. His skill and willingness to help are appreciated more than he knows. —Jenine Cordon, ITS Application Administrator

Melissa Goodwin, Associate Director of Admissions & Karee Head, International Admissions Specialist | Admissions
Karee and Melissa have been really amazing with all of the extra work required by the 100+ Brazilian students moving from our American Language and Culture Program (ALCP) to academic classes in the Spring. They worked really hard to process applications in just a couple of days so that the students and their sponsor would have an answer as soon as possible. Without the extra work and overall amazing customer service that Melissa and Karee demonstrated, UI would not be such a popular place for these Brazilian students. Thank you!!! —Mary Ellen Brewick, Director of International Marketing and Recruitment, International Programs Office

Laila Cornwall & Ashley Ding, International Student Advisors | International Programs Office
Laila and Ashley have worked INCREDIBLY hard to help over 100 Brazilian students complete the American Language and Culture Program (ALCP) and transfer to academic courses at UI. There is a crazy amount of paperwork involved with these students because they are sponsored by the Brazilian government and monitored by the Institute of International Education in the USA. Laila and Ashley have put in a lot of extra hours and worked really hard to make sure that the students have their questions answered and feel like an important part of the Vandal Family. Thank you Ashley and Laila! —Mary Ellen Brewick, International Programs Office

Lynne Kittner, Budget Specialist | College of Natural Resources
Lynne is a wonderful coworker who regularly goes out of her way to make my job easier. Whenever I have a question, she takes time to answer it. Whenever I need something, she makes sure I get it. She works incredibly hard to make those around her succeed. Thank you for being so terrific, Lynne! —Sacha B Jackson, McCall Outdoor Science School

Linda Shepard, Records Management Supervisor | ITS
Linda is such a valuable resource for records management as she is truly an expert on the systematic control of the creation, maintenance, use, and overall management of records. Recently, Linda helped us with the disposal of 18 boxes of records which greatly improved overall office efficiency. Thank you Linda for your support and great customer service! —Kim Malm, Executive Assistant, ORED VP

Matthew Stoddard, TSR | Help Desk
Many thanks to Matthew for the support he provided to the College of Law by monitoring our video class in the Engineering Physics building this fall! With his help, we were able to have tech support in the College of Law building and the EP classroom. —Carolyn Will Todd, Circulation Supervisor, Law Library

Meg Stephenson, TRIO Educational Opportunity Center Director | UI Boise
Meg coordinates volunteer service projects for the Boise area for employees, students, and alumni. For this year's Rake Up Boise, it was particularly challenging due to the early snow fall, and many organizations that signed up were unable to complete the project. However, with Meg's determination and dedication, our group was able to complete all three assigned houses. Thank you, Meg, for leading and coordinating the projects so we can serve the community in needs. —Miki Kurosawa, Enrollment Coordinator, University of Idaho Boise

Bob Basham, Associate Engineer | College of Engineering, UI Boise
Kudos to Bob Basham, Associate Engineer extraordinaire, for once again coming to the rescue! Bob is always so gracious to assist with odd "fix-it" requests. Most recently he was able to make repairs to the top of the University of Idaho Festival of Trees entry that was purchased and then donated to the University of Idaho Boise for everyone at the Water Center Building to enjoy this holiday season. The problem was, the tree was damaged in transport and when it arrived back at the Center, the top was horribly askew. Bob removed the top, worked his magic and "re-planted" it securely. It looks as beautiful as it did while on display at the festival. Thanks Bob! —Sandy Schultz, Administrative Assistant, Boise Center for Higher Education

Ivan Pedraza, ITS | UI Boise 
Ivan is the IT whiz for the Boise campus and has helped me tremendously in my onboarding to my new role with UI. He has the ability to ask the right questions, problem solve effectively, and execute quickly all with a smile. Ivan goes above and beyond with his efforts to ensure I had the right tools I needed to perform in my job. He's a great example of colleague focus and Vandal spirit! —Danielle Horras, Director of Program Planning, Boise

Leslie Larson, Administrative Assistant Senior | Research and Economic Development
Since Leslie became the AAC for my unit she has always gone above and beyond with all my requests for assistance. I really appreciate all she does for us in the financial unit of OSP. Thanks Leslie! —Kris Freitag, Financial Unit Manager, OSP

Erin Butterfield, RSSW Warehouse/Data Entry Technician | Surplus Property
Erin continues to expedite Surplus' verification response time for equipment transfers to surplus property all over campus, as well as satellite sites throughout the State. Erin has significantly improved Property Management's processing of fixed asset equipment transfers to Surplus. Thank You! —Joseph Groves, Inventory Specialist, Asset Accounting Office

November 2014

Judy Colbeck, Benefits Specialist | Human Resources
On the last day of annual enrollment, she went out of her way to assist me with moving my health insurance over to my husband’s account. Most likely, this is one of the busiest days of the year for her, yet she was extremely patient and kind throughout the process. Judy is exceptionally knowledgeable about benefits and she is an all-around top notch employee. Thanks again Judy for providing outstanding customer service. —Glenda Bull, IGS Specialist, Idaho Geological Survey

Shelby Hurn, Human Resources Specialist | Human Resources
Shelby made the lives of many Finance Tech's less stressful for her work on changing the posting process of HireRight invoices. You're a real go-getter! Thanks so much Shelby. —Theresa Albright, Budget Specialist, Kimberly R & E Center

Alice Reyes, Financial Unit Supervisor | Accounts Payable
I would like to thank Alice for graciously partnering with me to change the process of the Hireright (background check) billing. This has created a manual process for both of us and increased her workload but has meet the needs of many departments and OSP. This change is saving time in processing funding approvals by all departments and made any Financial Tech's happy. Thank You! —Shelby Hurn, Human Resources Specialist, Human Resources

IACURH (Intermountain Affiliation of College & University Residence Halls) Advisors | University Housing
Jill Powell, Assistant Director of Student Engagement; Morgan Hanson, Residence Life Coordinator; Jazzmine Hudson, Area Coordinator; Matt Bauer, Resident Director; Bart Sonnenberg, Residence Life Coordinator; Scott Gove, Resident Director; Colton Bjerke, Coordinator of Student Success & Retention; Cara Lehman, Marketing Coordinator
I would like to recognize this outstanding group of professionals for their work as advisors to the IACURH (Intermountain Affiliation of College & University Residence Halls) conference that was held on the University of Idaho campus (November 7-10). There were over 340 student leaders representing 31 colleges and universities from Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Arizona and New Mexico. Thank you for all the hours you dedicated in supporting UI students in the hosting of this conference. On behalf of all team members in University Housing - THANK YOU! —Dee Dee Kanikkeberg, Director, University Housing

Mike Swanson, Landscape Maintenance Tech | Facilities
Due to some freshly placed dirt between the Human Resources building and Taco Time, the HR building was dealing with a lot of mud being tracked into our building. Mike Swanson was quick to respond and place a "Yellow Path" between the two parking lots which enabled the foot traffic to walk over the dirt and eliminate the mud issue. Thank you Mike for your quick response and creative approach to our problem. —Brandi Terwilliger, Cretia Bunney and the Entire HR Department

Jennifer Magelky-Seiler, Management Assistant | Human Rights, Access, & Inclusion
With the holidays coming up, we needed to get our job posting up as quickly as possible. We have been without an office manager for almost 3 months now and just recently failed a search. When I called HRAI to inquire about the timeline to gain their approval, Jen took care of it immediately. Her quick handling of our posting will provide us time before Thanksgiving to screen candidates. I am very grateful to Jen for her timely service. Thank you! —John Mangiantini, Manager, Employer Relations & Communications - Career Center

Electrical and Interiors Shop & Building Services | Facilities
Pete Haworth (Custodial Foreperson), David Casey, Marlene White, Molly Howerton, Calvin Annis, & Larry Cann (Team Cleaning Specialists), Matt Proctor & Greg Thomas (Journeyman Electricians), Knute Klingler & Alan Fraser (HVAC Technicians), Keven Hattenburg (HVAC-Refrigeration Supervisor), and Alan Odenborg (Interiors Shop Supervisor)
We in the Department of Fish and Wildlife Sciences would like to express our thanks to your staff in the Electrical and Interiors shops and Building Services for the repairs and improvements made to CNR 108. This past summer, your staff replaced the ceiling, and lighting in that heavily used classroom. Following completion of the renovation your custodial staff refinished and sealed the floors. The end product was a much improved room for our classroom use. Thanks again to all for their excellent service and expertise. —Lisette Waits, PhD, Professor & Head, Dept. Fish and Wildlife Sciences

The GSMU Project Group | ITS
Don Miller, Creg Empey, Perry Henry, Brian Borchers, Mitch Parks, Ben Kirchmeier, and Jane Cox! In large and small ways, this AMAZING group of IT professionals have toiled tirelessly for the past 6 months to help bring a new University of Idaho Employee Learning Management System to fruition. Thank you for your professionalism, patience and perseverance. This super group truly knows how to leap tall buildings in a single bound! —Elissa Keim, Professional Development and Learning, Human Resources

October 2014

Theresa Nuhn, Human Resources Specialist | Human Resources
Theresa has been invaluable in my People Admin training process. She has very patiently guided me through all of the nuances of this new "ATS" system, and has always done this in a positive manner, with true professionalism. She is a joy to work with, and I think the U of I, as a whole, benefits from her awesome skill sets. I truly enjoy working with her. —Cheryl Gardner, Business Manager, University Support Services

Dan Stephens, University Controller | Controller's Office
I would like to publicly thank Dan Stephens for being the best boss I could ever hope to work for. My family received devastating news back in March that one of my twin teenage sons has leukemia, and we had to immediately "relocate" to Spokane to be near the hospital for many months of chemotherapy treatments. In his capacity as University Controller, Dan has many plates spinning at all times, but even with his heavy workload, his concern for my entire family was immediately apparent. From the beginning and throughout the past 8 months, he has bent over backwards to help me continue to work a very flexible schedule from remote locations while caring for my son. He has made it clear from the start that my son's health and treatment come first and the work will get done when time permits... the whole treatment process is overwhelming at times, so this flexibility allowed me to focus my energy on my son instead of constantly worrying about getting too far behind or meeting too many deadlines. As a result, I'm sure I'm getting much more work done than I would have without this flexibility...I probably would have had to quit my old job if this had happened while I was there. Dan has also taken the time to visit us in Spokane and calls to check on us regularly. He has even helped provide some welcome distraction in the form of a game system and games for my sons. Thank you Dan - I know we kid around a lot, but I am not kidding when I say you truly are the best boss I've ever had and I am grateful to be working with you here at UI. —Brenda Marsh, Accounting Manager - Capital Assets and Investments, Asset Accounting

Creative and Print Services | UCM
Creative and Print Services have been amazing in their ability to deliver on what has been a steady stream of materials to help with the University's important enrollment efforts. Their professional and ongoing creativity and agility is so appreciated!!! And, they all do it with humor and grace. Thank you! —Anna Sherwood, Director of Enrollment Marketing, Enrollment Management 

Ryan Haworth, Instructional Designer | UI Idaho Falls
Kudos to Ryan Haworth, UI-IF Instructional Designer and resident creative genius for all his hard work during the 60th Anniversary of University of Idaho in Idaho Falls. Ryan took on the responsibility of designing all the printed material, posters and video presentation used during the event at the Museum of Idaho. His professionalism is displayed in each piece he created. The extensive timeline he put together on the history of the IF campus is now being displayed in several buildings in Idaho Falls, including at the Idaho National Lab. Ryan, you are a pleasure to work with and we appreciate all you do. —Julie Jacobson, UI-IF Administrative Assistant, Debbie Caudle, UI-IF Undergraduate Advisor and Dr. Cheryl Wilhelmsen, INDT Program Director

Ryan Haworth, Instructional Designer | UI Idaho Falls
In addition to this year being the 125th anniversary of the University of Idaho, it is also the 60th anniversary of the university's presence in Idaho Falls. Last week we held an event for the 60th celebration. I know Ryan wasn't the only person that made the event such a success, but his work was visible everywhere you looked. In the weeks leading up to the night, he was involved with others in the planning of the event. He scanned countless pictures for the slideshow. He produced posters of and for the leaders of the center since 1976. He produces a timeline with the major happenings from the center from the last 60 years. He was directly involved in the video and audio production and recording of the event. He even found time to program "Here We Have Idaho" into a 1985 Tandy 102 Personal Computer. Ryan, great job!!! —David B Anderson, IT Manager, Idaho Falls

Shawn O'Neal, General Manager/Adviser | Argonaut
As chair of Safety Week, I speak for many Vandals when I say how much we appreciate the comprehensive, professional and inspired coverage the Argonaut staff produced for Safety Week Sept. 15 - 20. The depth and breadth of reporting meets the highest standards of journalism, in my opinion. From reporters and editors to photographers — the Argonaut was everywhere, even providing post-event, thoughtful writing to help put events in context. It would have been easy to do much less and consider the job of covering Safety Week done, but the Argonaut leadership and staff reached for excellence instead, and that showed in every issue. Some journalists say they care about going deeper, but the Argonaut staff really accomplished that with Safety Week, also providing advertising support. I've heard Argonaut staff say their team of journalists is committed to building a safer campus while providing an objective platform for Vandal voices and vital issues. Their work on Safety Week certainly proved it. —Virginia Solan, Violence Prevention Programs Coordinator, Dean of Students Office

Rob Spear, Director of Athletics, and Jessica Atkins, Compliance Director | Athletics
Rob Spear, Jessica Atkins and others on the Vandal Athletics team worked hard this semester to already get every athlete in fall and spring sports exposed to Green Dot, our violence prevention bystander intervention campus-wide initiative. Every athlete has attended the Green Dot 1-hour overview, and Ms. Atkins is working with our office on a full-day Green Dot training for the athletes who are asking for more training in how to live and work as Vandals of the highest integrity by standing up against interpersonal violence of all kinds. We couldn't do this vital work without the active support and encouragement of Vandal Athletics, and from Director Rob Spear to head football Coach Paul Petrino Head Women's Volleyball Coach Debbie Buchanan, we are getting such positive and powerful support. Thank you! —Virginia Solan, Violence Prevention Programs Coordinator, Dean of Students Office

Ben Aiman, Facilities and Events Manager | Student Affairs, Idaho Commons
Ben Aiman was a huge support for the Safety Week planning team, and we didn't make it easy. We needed his flexible attitude and great attitude while we juggled many people and details throughout the week. The success of our Safety Week events was in no small part due to the awesome Facilities and Events team, under Ben's direction. Thank you! Virginia Solan, Violence Prevention Programs Coordinator, Dean of Students Office

Sara Napier & Sodexho
Sara Napier and the entire Sodexho team did an amazing job catering our Safety Week events, from our breakfast with Keith Edwards to the Saturday Green Dot training that included breakfast, lunch and snacks. Sara was extremely helpful and flexible with our changing needs and the whole team provided exemplary customer service. Thank you! Virginia Solan, Violence Prevention Programs Coordinator, Dean of Students Office

Amber Ziegler, Administrative Coordinator | Movement Sciences

Amber is a vivacious person. I'm working with her in the College of Education Movement Sciences Department, where I just started working about a month ago. She is very supportive of the department by joining committees and doing her work in a knowledgeable and thorough way. I'm so thankful she's part of our team. She is so willing to help me and support me patiently while I'm trying to learn how to do my job. —Ali Fredriksen, Budding Financial Tech, Movement Sciences

Cindy Blum, Administrative Assistant II | Movement Sciences
I began working with Cindy in Movement Sciences a little over a month ago. In the office she is GREAT! I have a lot to learn and I appreciate her support of me and her willingness to share her wisdom and expertise. UI is blessed by Cindy's hard work and cheerful smile! —Ali Fredriksen, Budding Financial Tech, Movement Sciences

Nancy Morrison, Budget Specialist | College of Education
Nancy has been at UI College of Education for a long time, 16 years! As everyone knows Nancy is awesome! I started a new job in the COE in Movement Sciences and Nancy has taken me by the hand and is training me, imparting her wisdom with patience. She has been supporting the MS department in many aspects through Spring 2014, Summer, and now Fall. Thank you Nancy for all you do, your hard work, patience, support, wisdom, excellence in all!!! —Ali Fredriksen, Budding Financial Tech, Movement Sciences

Zak Lierman, Team Cleaning Specialist | Facilities

A huge thank you to Zak Lierman from Facilities, for getting a very nice ring back on its owner’s finger. Zak found the ring in Forney Hall and requested assistance to find the owner. Word spread that it had been located and within a day, the owner stopped by to pick it up. Thank you again, Zak, we are very grateful for everything you do for us in our building. —Judy Pankopf, Administrative Assistant II, University Communications and Marketing

Rob Anderson, Director | University Support Services
Rob is a very positive leader, recognizing each person's strengths and continually giving kudos. He is always encouraging each member of the team with positive feedback. I am so thankful that I was able to pursue the position as the University Support Services Business Manager because working for Rob is a pleasure. I work with a great team of people (KC Sheffler, Joe Hunt, Kelly McGahan, Aaron Mayhugh, Chris Riddlemoser, Ryan Watson and Dan Lawson) and a lot of that is due to Rob's positive leadership style. —Cheryl Gardner, Business Manager, University Support Services

Debra Rumford, Communication Coordinator | Design and Communications, CALS Advancement
Debra has been such an amazing person to work next to. Both being new to our positions, it has been great to share in our experiences together. Just recently I was working on a project for our department and Debra came in like a superhero to help! She was excited and took the time to assist me even when she didn't have to. Her happiness for working at the University shows through by her infectious laugh and her upbeat attitude on a daily basis! Thanks Debra for all you do-it definitely does not go unnoticed! —Tiffani Stubblefield, Office Administrator, CALS Advancement

Rose Graham, Manager | Idaho Commons Copy & Print Center

Rose was more than helpful when it came to a small project I needed for our department. At a loss of how to make the project work, Rose came to the rescue with great ideas. And even when she was the lone ranger in her area, she still went above and beyond in communicating with me in a timely manner. Our project turned out beautifully and I look forward to the next opportunity I get to work with such a great person! —Tiffani Stubblefield, Officer Administrator, CALS Advancement

Matt Couch, Customer Service Rep 2 | Parking and Transportation Services
I just wanted to let you know that Mathew Couch from Parking Services is a great asset to the University staff. My daughter had hip surgery on October 3 and needed a temporary handicap permit so that she can park closer to her classes, getting from her dorm across campus on crutches is just not feasible. Mathew assisted me to find the form, answered my questions because I did not have the information to complete it and held it for Brianna to sign. He then let me know when she picked it up this afternoon. As a parent it is great to know that there are members of your staff that are willing to go the extra mile to help us out, especially when you have to leave your child on campus after a major surgery. I have expressed my thanks to Mr. Couch but thought someone else should know. —Stacey L. Gray CPA MBA, Assistant Controller, Alliance Machine Systems Intl, LLC, Spokane

Brad Neal, IT | College of Law
If we could use a quote to describe Brad and his work ethic it would be exactly this, “Quality is not an act, it is a habit.” –Aristotle. The College recently had an IT employee out of the office due to medical problems leaving Brad as the sole IT tech for the College. His patience and commitment providing IT support for the College of Law has been invaluable during this time. Any extra projects and work that Brad has been part of have been taken care of with expertise. The College of Law would like to extend a huge thank you and kudos for all the time and effort Brad has provided for the College of Law. —Brandon K. Gardner, IT System Analyst, College of Law

Craig Chatriand, Associate Dean of Students | Dean of Students Office
Three cheers for Craig and how awesome he is! I'm new to the Dean of Students and Craig has made me feel very welcome, a part of the family, and can always put a smile on anyone's face with his funny jokes! Craig is always quick to help out despite his heavy workload and I really look up to him! THANKS CRAIGY! P.S. Your sheep has the gout. —Megan Harre, Student Services Specialist

Linda Hanson, Eric Orosco, Jazmine Watson, Charity Wright, Cassandra Yardley | Housing
Many thanks to the Housing team for all their help with an out-of-the ordinary situation. We had a student in a special situation who needed extra assistance with his early departure from Moscow, and the Housing team pulled out all stops to make the process easy and quick. Charity Wight, Cassandra Yardley, Linda Hanson, Jazmine Watson, and Eric Orosco, the ALCP really appreciates all your help!!! —Ashleigh Bright, Program Assistant, ALCP

September 2014

Alice Allen & Julie Jacobson, Kristy Mayer (Moscow) | University of Idaho - Idaho Falls
The Idaho Falls Center recently celebrated the 125th activities at the Center for Advanced Energy Studies (CAES) and the evening was wonderful.  It would not have been as successful without the help of each of these individuals. There were many hours spent in planning, advertising and setting up as well as cleanup by these wonderful ladies. Thank You all for a wonderful evening. —Cheryl Wilhelmsen, Ph.D., Director, Industrial Technology Program, University of Idaho - Idaho Falls

Leah Evans-Janke, Alyssa Griffith, Michelle Sing | Alfred W. Bowers Laboratory of Anthropology

Thank you for helping to organize another successful exhibit at the Latah County Fair this year. Many of you put in long hours staffing and creating the exhibit. We appreciate your hard work and dedication to public outreach at the Alfred W. Bowers Laboratory of Anthropology. Thank you! —Stacey Lynn Camp, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Director, Bowers Laboratory of Anthropology

Mike Swanson, Landscape Maintenance Technician & Tina Nagle, Landscape Maintenance Assistant | Facilities 
Mike Swanson and Tina Nagle cut the weeds around the parking lot of Human Resources on a very hot day (90 degree). The cars can be parked without pushing against the weeds. I really appreciate their hard work (especially in the hot weather). They make the University campus look nice and pleasant. We can’t say “THANK YOU” enough; it is nice to see the dedication to the section of campus that is not as well traveled. They are the gem of Facilities at the University of Idaho! —Myung Chun, HR Specialist, Human Resources

Marty Lunt, Personnel Specialist | College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
Marty worked countless hours to help me fill a job vacancy. She never complained about doing all of it! She is a great person to help everyone. Thanks Marty for all the help! —Annette Eddins, Operations Supervisor, U.S. Sheep Experiment Station

Lisa Miller, Payroll Accountant | Payroll Services
Lisa has been the best person! I am off campus and she works so hard to figure out problems that arise here with my day rate employees. She has never screamed at me when she should have! She always sounds like she has a smile on when I'm sure she doesn't! Thanks Lisa for all you do! —Annette Eddins, Operations Supervisor, U.S. Sheep Experiment Station

Dan Noble, Financial & Employment Services Tech | Human Resources
Dan developed a new system to make hiring international students streamlined and easy. This system cut the average wait time for hiring from 2+ weeks to 1.5 days. It encourages UI employers to hire international students as the process is much easier to follow and requires a lot less red tape and time. Thanks for being proactive and spending the time necessary to make hiring ALL student staff easier. —Brian Mahoney, Associate Director, Facilities & Operations, Campus Recreation

Gina Tinley, Department Coordinator | Biological Sciences
Gina took the lead when PeopleAdmin went live by; asking appropriate questions, making notes of tiny but important items that were not included in the PeopleAdmin manual which she addressed, with the appropriate people. There were numerous glitches and she gave great suggestions to improve/correct/or fix the glitches. During all of this she kept me up-to-date and informed me of everything and she took the time to attend a PeopleAdmin meeting with me so that she could ask questions and make notes as far as processes within PeopleAdmin. Thank you Gina! —Lorrie Williams, Aministrative Assistant, Sr.

Patrick Nutter and Phillip Sertich, Building Superintendent and Maintenance | UI CDA
“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.” Henry Ford said this many years ago, but Patrick and Philip, I believe, live by it here at Harbor Center. I have worked with Patrick for 10 years now and I find him indisputably one who takes great pride in keeping this facility ship shape. In fact, I have never met one who is more proud of a facility than he is. Ownership of your craft is not something one easily finds these days in employees; Patrick and Philip definitely give their best… even when others are not looking. They were especially helpful in assisting us with locating some tables and chair setup last week for our new student orientation activities. They are always on the spot with service requests from burnt out light bulbs, to carpet stains, to making sure restrooms are always squeaky clean. I believe we spend too much time as mangers addressing what people are doing wrong; not enough time on what people are doing right. So here’s a note of support for two gentlemen who are, at least by LCSC measures, doing excellent work for Harbor Center. —Rocky Owens, Director, LCSC Coeur d'Alene

Angie Sowers, Julie Anderson, Rob Baxter | UI CDA
UI CDA recently held an event supporting the College of Law’s Constitution Day event. Several folks were extremely helpful in the success of this event. Angie Sowers, Julie Anderson and Rob Baxter - Thank you for all of your help! Their professional assistance made for a very nice event. Proud to be a Vandal! —Wanda Quinn, Program Coordinator, UINI

Theresa Nuhn, Human Resources Specialist | Human Resources
Theresa has been such an integral and helpful resource to have in HR, especially with all the changes made in going to PeopleAdmin. Every time our office has a question about a posting she is so friendly, courteous, and helpful, and has even come to our office in the Commons to help show us tips in using People Admin. She makes a complicated system un-complicated, and represents her office with true professionalism and customer service. I can't imagine what HR would be like without her. —Eric Anderson, Career Advising and Professional Development

Gene Gussenhoven, Director of Utilities and Engineering & Scott Smith, Steam Plant Manager | Facilities
Thank you again for the wonderful introduction to the world of biomass for our Integrated Design Studio. The students loved the Steam Plant tour last week and truly enjoyed meeting you both. The chance to see the steam plant in action, walk out to the chip storage yard, and listen to your stories of bioenergy production were fantastic. It was a great way to kick off our semester of biojet fuels projects. We really appreciate your time and know how precious it is. Thanks again for enriching our teaching and learning and inspiring the next generation of engineers, architects and planners. —Michele Vachon & the whole IDX Studio —

Alan Odenborg, Interiors Shop Supervisor | Facilities
Alan goes above and beyond to provide outstanding service! He has been an integral part in helping to fulfill needs related to life safety, paint, and construction issues in our area. He has consistently and expertly handled facilities-related tasks and understands the power of collaboration. Our department appreciates and values Alan's expertise and willingness to offer exceptional assistance whenever called upon. —Kim Malm, Executive Assistant to Vice President, Office of Resea

Elmer Johnson, Water Systems Manager | Facilities
I would like to extend kudos to Elmer Johnson for his dedication to keeping our reclaimed water system going. On Wednesday, September 10, we experienced a break in a 6” reclaimed water distribution line that affects much of the south side of campus. Elmer Johnson, our Water Systems Specialist at UI Facilities, was at a training conference in CDA. Upon learning of the incident, after his training was finished for the day, Elmer drove down to Moscow and made sure the break had been fixed properly, and then charged the system back up that night. He came in early the next morning to check on the system before driving back up to CDA to finish his two-day training. On behalf of the Landscape Shop, Arboretum, and UI Golf Course, I would like to thank Elmer for his dedication and thoughtfulness to all who are affected by these utilities, and his willingness to keep them going. —Craig Carson, Campus Landscape Supervisor, Facilities

Elmer Johnson, Water Systems Manager | Facilities
Kudo’s for Elmer Johnson. While taking classes in Coeur D’Alene to keep up his required water certifications, he found out that a contractor had hit the reclaimed water main line on campus and taken down all campus reclaimed water irrigation. That is 90% of campus. He came back from CDA to campus after his training session ended, and worked till 10 PM that night patching the mainline together, so that irrigation could run that night across campus and keep our lawns green during our cool/dry fall weather. —Charles M. Zillinger, Director, Facilities

Rhonda Zenner, Assistant to the Associate Dean | College of Education
WELCOME to the Dean's office: Rhonda just transferred to the college of Education Dean's office as the new Assistant to the Associate Dean... So glad she is joining us at the Dean's office. Welcome Rhonda - We hope you enjoy working with the College of Education Faculty, Staff and Students! —Twila M Brown, Assistant to the Dean, College of Education

August 2014

Leah Andrews, Web Coordinator - Student Affairs | University Communications & Marketing
We decided to change the branding of our Career Services Management System and had to quickly change most of the Career Center's web pages to reflect the move. Leah had no warning that this was coming, yet she jumped in and helped us get everything done. I offer you our Career Center website as proof of her skill not only with web development, but in teaching, editing, and layout. We in Student Affairs are VERY lucky to have Leah Andrews on our team. Thank you Leah. —John Mangiantini, Manager, Employer Relations & Communications, Career Center

Shelby Siflow, Buying Manager | Vandalstore
Kristy Mayer, Alumni Relations, went out of her way to consult Shelby Silflow, Vandalstore Buying Manager, to help us find the perfect retirement gift that we had in mind. Even though the store was extremely busy, Shelby showed us some inventory, checked us out promptly, gave us a great deal and even threw in a gift bag, paper and ribbon. These ladies deserve a big KUDOS for going out of their way to help us find what we were looking for. —Budget Office

Amber Ziegler & Cindy Blum, Movement Sciences and John Murray, College of Education
I want to thank Amber, Cindy, and John for taking on additional financial tasks above their normal work load while the College of Education was down two finance positions for the past four months. Resignations occurred during a time when workloads increase substantially (fiscal year end, summer epafs, roll over epafs, fall instructor appointments, etc). I value their willingness to work as a team, take on additional work, and learn new skills outside their job duties. We couldn’t have done it without you. You guys are the best! —Nancy Morrison, Finance Coordinator, College of Education

Debbie Huffman, Director, Administrative and Financial Operations | Idaho Commons and Student Union
Ms. Debbie is an outstanding asset to our campus community. I appreciate her knowledge of our University, her upbeat approach to obstacles and her unwavering support of student initiatives. —Katie M. Dahlinger, Assistant Director, Student Involvement

Eric Anderson, Manager, Career Advising & Professional Development | Career Center
Eric consistently supports our students, alumni, staff and colleagues in their efforts and ideas. He is dedicated to student success which is shown through his late hours, participation in other department's programming and general positive attitude. Our campus is lucky to have Eric! —Katie M. Dahlinger, Assistant Director, Student Involvement

Landscape & Grounds | Facilities
The Landscape and Grounds crews did an incredible job cleaning up after the wind storm of 8/12/2014. Their swift and effective work removing the broken limbs from the trees, clearing the streets and sidewalks is a positive reflection of our dedicated facilities staff. —Kelvin Daniels, Occupational Safety Specialist, Environmental Health and Safety

Undergraduate Admissions Specialists | Admissions Office
Stacy Bowman, Karee Head, Jamie Hunter, Katie O'Donnell, and Sue Wallen
I'd like to send a note of appreciation to all of the Admissions Specialists in the Undergraduate Admissions office—Stacy, Karee, Jamie, Katie, and Sue. They are all very friendly, helpful, and quick to respond to any questions we have in Coeur d'Alene. —Becky Byers, Coordinator Recruiting/Advising, UI Coeur d'Alene

Julie Clark, Operations Manager | International Programs Office
Julie helped with developing the agreement database; organizing staff to scan hard copy agreements into pdfs; grant proposal budgets; reconciliation of awarded grant budgets; hiring processes for coordinator and student ambassadors working on grants; working title changes for staff; work room and conference room upgrades; helped with the travel/financial piece of USAC FIDA/Visiting Prof policies; reorganizing open space between offices to make them more client and employee friendly (cabinets, desks); new computer (and two big screens and ergonomic keyboard) which she obtained for Bob Neuenschwander; and a daily dose of humor. —International Grants & Initiatives

Julie Clark, Operations Manager | International Programs Office
The thing that was HUGELY helpful was setting up pass through budgets for the Faculty-led Programs. That has helped a lot of people. Faculty, staff, and students alike! ...also, she stepped in to help with financial transactions relating to FSIT programs while Colton Oliphant was away. In addition we appreciate her helping with our position reclassifications and appeals; setting up study abroad budget sheets; new computers for our student worker stations; and setting up the conference room with technology (great for our info sessions). —Study Abroad & Exchange Programs

Julie Clark, Operations Manager | International Programs Office
For ISSFS, Julie has provided: Updated computers and monitors; additional and usable student worker stations; new file cabinet for student files; new chairs for stations and Ashley; and a new desk for Tammi. —International Student, Scholar & Faculty Services

Julie Clark, Operations Manager | International Programs Office
Julie has worked so hard on so many projects for the ALCP: Obtaining one more fulltime faculty member for ALCP; improving the positions of the lecturers by changing them to Academic year; new computers for the faculty; new matching chairs for the faculty; providing us with IH employees/work studies; new carpet; the computer kiosk for our students; storage cabinets & drawers; and new desk for Laila Cornwall. —American Language & Culture Program

Julie Clark, Operations Manager | International Programs Office
For Marketing and Recruitment, Julie has been a huge help with our commission payment process to agents, and for the whole office she played a major supporting role for the reclassification process. —International Marketing & Recruitment

Leah Andrews, Web Coordinator | University Communications and Marketing
Leah is the ultimate Rock Star Goddess Web Coordinator, and we don't know what we'd do without her. We are so incredibly grateful to have such a supportive colleague! The new Non-traditional Student website looks fantastic. THANK YOU so much for all your hard work, Leah, both with this and with all the other web support you provide. You are awesome! —Lysa Salsbury, Director, Women's Center

Marlene Wilson, Business Operations Manager | Student Media
Marlene has been a stalwart supporter of the Women's Center for years, and I am especially grateful to her for her continual help with processing our financial transactions in the temporary absence of an administrative assistant at the Center. Thank you so much for all you do for us, Marlene! We are so very, very appreciative. —Lysa Salsbury, Director, Women's Center

Robin Shoemaker, Assistant to the Dean | Dean of Students office
I am so deeply grateful to Robin for her continued assistance in our temporary absence of administrative support. She regularly goes above and beyond to help the Women's Center stay on track with a huge number of complicated and time-consuming tasks, and we couldn't do without her. Robin, you are the best. THANK YOU!!! —Lysa Salsbury, Director, Women's Center

Alan Odenborg, Interiors Shop Supervisor | Facilities
The Women's Center is deeply appreciative of the continual support and superior service from Alan and his team. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you've done for us over the years—we'll miss you! Warmest wishes for a happy retirement! —Lysa Salsbury, Director, Women's Center

Bart Schumacker, Journeyman Painter, Building Maintenance | Facilities
A HUGE thank you to Bart for his stellar work in painting the Women's Center's doors and trim this summer, and doing such an excellent job of refinishing our coffee and dining tables! They look fantastic, and make a big difference in the look and feel of the Center. We are so appreciative! —Lysa Salsbury, Director, Women's Center

July 2014

Yvonne Keach, Campus Mail Services Manager and Stuart Hierschbiel, Printing Services Coordinator
Kudos to Yvonne and Stuart. They are so helpful to work with on campus mail and printing jobs. I work with them each year to send out invitations to students for a national leadership society I am an advisor to, and they are always so patient with me, and super helpful. They make a multi-layered process very simple for us. —Eric Anderson, Manager, Career Advising & Professional Development (Career Center)

David Nuhn, Pro Shop Assistant | Golf Course
Below is a letter we received regarding David who is a Pro Shop employee and attends Pro-AM tournaments for the UI. We are very happy that David is a shining example for the university and especially the golf course. Thank you David for all your hard work. "I played in the Rosauers Pro Am today with David and wanted to let you know what a class act he is. My two sons were watching at the end and I had my 9 year old on the green with me and my son picked up my ball on accident and felt horrible about it. David handled it great, had him hit some putts with his putter (this was the last hole of the round) and then gave each of my son's a golf ball. My wife had him sign them for the boys. That will leave a great impression on them, I'm sure. He represents your course VERY well and was a pleasure to play with (and is a great player)! -Shawn Van Gordon, President A&B Mortgage, Inc." —Kandy Nelson, Operations Coordinator, UI Golf Course

Greg Cox, Associate Director of Technology | Office of Admissions
Greg is one of the most talented people I work with on a regular basis. His outlook and perspective provides unique insight each time and brings up points that haven't occurred to me prior. He pushes things to improve and comes up with novel solutions to perceived roadblocks. Most recently, Greg took over the project management of the CRM forms and quickly led the team to launch an updated [and much improved] campus visits form—all while still remaining inclusive and focused on collaboration across our units. I always deeply value working with Greg and sincerely thank him for all he does. —Johanna Blickenstaff, Associate Director of Digital Marketing, Communications & Marketing

William Neilbling | Kimberly Research & Ext. Center
Dr. Neibling contacted me about an employee who had been working in the field and did not get a timesheet submitted. He was proactive and filled out a paper one with the employee, emailed it to me, I got it to payroll and the employee was paid on time. The dedication shown toward his employees is AWSOME!! It is wonderful to see a supervisor take care of the people who work with and for him. WAY TO GO Dr. Neibling!!! —Marty Lunt, Personnel Specialist, CALS

Kathy Bolland, Jaime Fausto, Bonnie Bernstein | Facilities
Thanks to Bonnie, Kathy and Jaime for swooping in and cleaning the law library director's office before the new director moved in. It is now a shiny clean and welcoming place!—Carolyn Will Todd, Circulation Supervisor, Law Library

Molly Steiner, Becky Schoenberg, Elaine Queener | Mechanical Engineering
The office staff in the Department of Mechanical Engineering is outstanding. They are very helpful to the students who come by and ask questions, and they always provide excellent support to the faculty. The ME staff is very friendly, and it is a pleasure to come to work with them every day. They go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that the students, staff and faculty are treated well, and that the department functions smoothly. —John Crepeau, Professor and Chair, Mechanical Engineering

DeeDee Bohman & Valerie Hutchinson | Student Financial Aid Services
DeeDee and Valerie were very helpful to me with a very difficult and delicate situation. I am grateful for their kindness, and their dedication and commitment to helping students. Both of them have shown great respect and professionalism, and are incredible assets to this university. Thank you DeeDee and Valerie for all of your help! —Kristi Overfelt, Academic Advisor, CLASS

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