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Staff Retirees

2013-2014 Staff Retirees

Trudy Anderson UI Boise Center 2002-2013
Pamela Brunsfeld College of Natural Resources 2000-2013
Carolyn Lazzarini Admissions Office 1996-2013
Michael Lyngholm Facility Management 2003-2014
Julie Monroe Library 2000-2014


2013-2014 Honored Staff Retirees *

Christine Dixon Environmental Science 1995-2014
Donna Germer Registrar's Office 1984-2013
Kathleen Hendrix Food Science 1975-2013
Fred Hutchison Environmental Health & Safety 1977-2013
Linda Kiss College of Law 1989-2014
Kay Maurin President's Office 1974-2013
Carol McAleer Facility Management 1989-2014
Nancy McDaniel University Advancement Boise 1994-2014
Catherine Merickel Library 1981-2013
Cynthia Mika Career Center 1981-2013
Lori Mulalley College of Natural Resources 1986-2013
Sharon Pettichord College of Business and Economics 1973-2013
Carol Spain Idaho Falls Center 1989-2014
Susan Westervelt UG Recruitment 1990-2013
*Michael Wilchek Creative Services 1995-2013
Linda Williams Development Office 1979-2014
* Note:Deceased

*An Honored Staff Retiree is a member of the classified or non-faculty exempt staff who is not a faculty member and who, on retirement, qualifies for University of Idaho retirement benefits by satisfying one of the following requirements:

• Completion of 30 years of service to the University of Idaho; or
• Completion of 15 years of service to the University of Idaho and attainment of age 64; or
• Attainment of age 55 and completion of a number of years of service to the University of Idaho such that the sum of the years of age and the years of service is 80.