Staff Affairs' staff newsletter, Sept 2013

September 2013

Statewide Tour

Brian Mahoney and Ali Bretthauer, chair and vice-chair of Staff Affairs, enjoyed a statewide tour visiting staff in Southern centers July 22-24. Staff Affairs off-campus representatives Liz Ridgway of Boise, Amanda Moore-Kriwox of Twin Falls, Carol Spain of Idaho Falls, gathered staff from each center to welcome the SA leaders and discuss the role of staff at the University of Idaho.

”The tour of southern Idaho Ali and I went on was fantastic,” says Mahoney.

“We met Monday with Liz Ridgway and about 20 of her colleagues over lunch in Boise, then toured the Boise Water Center. A big thanks to Liz and the many staff from the surrounding area who attended. We toured the Twin Falls Center and College of Southern Idaho with Amanda Moore-Kriwox Tuesday morning. Tuesday afternoon found us touring the Idaho Falls Center & Center for Advanced Energy Studies (CAES) with Carol Spain and other Idaho Falls staff. We then enjoyed dinner with Idaho Falls staff. It was splendid to meet so many staff from southern Idaho, gathering useful information on the role off-campus locations play in the contributions of UI. My favorite part of the trip was going into the Center for Advanced Modeling & Simulations (CAMS) with the 3D glasses… viewing some extraordinary research being done by folks at the University of Idaho. Below is a photo Ali took of the simulator.

Idaho Falls Advanced Energy Studies
Brian Mahoney, Center for Advanced Energy Studies, Twin Falls

It is my hope that Staff Affairs representatives will continue to tour the state in the future. I’m looking to partner with the Faculty Senate tour next year, visiting more sites and keeping costs for the University to a minimum. Visiting staff at locations other than Moscow should be something leadership in Staff Affairs continue to strive for.

My thanks go out to Interim President Don Burnett for funding this trip. His support is greatly appreciated… we couldn’t have done it without him.”

Staff Affairs State-Wide Tour Agenda – 2013
—1:30PM – Boise Center tour w/ SA Rep Liz Ridgway
—Drive to Twin Falls and overnight

—8:00AM - Twin Falls Center/CSI Rec Center tour w/ SA Rep Amanda Moore-Kriwox
—2:15PM – Tour ID Falls Center w/ SA Rep Carol Spain
—3:30PM – Tour Center for Advanced Energy Studies w/ Carol Spain
—Overnight in ID Falls

Snake River Twin Falls, ID
Snake River, Twin Falls
CDI Rec Center Twin Falls
Black light spin room CSI Rec Center, Twin Falls
Craters of the Moon Idaho Falls
Craters of the Moon, Idaho Falls

Congratulations Lodi Price & Colton Oliphant!
University of Idaho Staff of the Month

Lodi Price, Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Research and Economic Development, July’s Staff of the Month and Colton Oliphant, Study Abroad Advisor for the International Programs Office, August’s Staff of the Month is the External Relations Specialist from the Career Center.
Lodi Price Staff of the Month Colton Oliphant Staff of the Month
They have been recognized for their outstanding work, going above and beyond in helping others and making the University of Idaho a great place to work and learn.

Recipients are randomly drawn from a pool of those that have been kudoed.

If you would like to recognize a staff member, go here

Sponsoring UIACADA

Staff Affairs has provided $500 in funding in support of UIACADA’s 10th Annual Advising Symposium. The Advising Symposium is open to all University of Idaho faculty and staff interested in developing their professional advising skills. This year’s Symposium “Advising GPS: Guidance, Performance, & Support” will be held in the Idaho Commons on Friday, September 13, 2013. Staff Affairs strongly supports all efforts by staff which contribute to the development of knowledge and skills which contribute to a culture of innovation and make the University of Idaho a better place to work.

Join Staff Affairs!

If you are interested in becoming a member of Staff Affairs, we are currently seeking applications to join! Please seek approval of your supervisor and then fill out the online APPLICATION FORM. To be considered to serve, becoming an active, engaged member of the Staff Affairs Committee; interested applicants are encouraged to attend the September 11, Commons-Horizon Room meeting to gain a better understanding of Staff Affairs and our role within the University. If you have any questions or comments, please email we would enjoy hearing from you!

Staff vacanciesNon-Faculty Exempt (1); Administrative, Technical and Research (6); 

If you have questions or concerns about issues or topics at the University of Idaho, please feel free to contact a Staff Affairs executive member or email

Coeur d'Alene

Back to the Earth Combined Camp

Students from the Spokane and Coeur d'Alene tribal communities participated in the Back To The Earth STEM education camps this summer. Small groups of students were given an iPad with photos and videos from the first week of camp and the iMovie video editor app. As they learned about the interconnectedness of their watershed, each group created two videos. On days one and two of the camp, the students created a story that would help a younger sibling understand the concept of a watershed.

On days three and four, the students outlined, researched, and created a presentation that highlighted a problem in their community and presented the solutions they proposed. The videos were created to present their concerns and ideas to their tribal council and their community. To see these videos and get more information about this exciting program by visiting
BTTE group

Dign’IT Summer Camp/Interns

This exciting new summer educational camp was held during the last week of July for middle-school girls and focused on exploring digital innovation and information technology. The camp included sections on computer programming, app development, website development, computer coding, and graphic design. Funding from iShoutOut allowed us to the offer this camp free of charge! DignIT hoola DignIT scratch

New CDA Staff Member

We are pleased to announce a new team member here at UI CDA. Amy Rausch has joined the Harbor Center staff as an Administrative Assistant II and will serve in a wide variety of customer and program support service functions at the UI CDA. Amy will be the front-line representative assuming many of the roles that position requires; along with assisting other staff, faculty, and administrators in Harbor Center functions. 
Amy Rausch

Idaho Falls

Lower Palisades Lake

Faculty, staff, students and interns took advantage of a warm, sunny weekend in June to hike to Lower Palisades Lake east of Idaho Falls. They enjoyed each other’s company and a great outdoor experience.

River of Palisades

New Newsletter for the Idaho Falls Center

The first edition of the new quarterly newsletter for students has been distributed electronically. Idaho Falls staff worked hard to provide a quality publication that provides valuable information about current events, impending deadlines, and insights that will enrich the students’ educational experiences. Students are invited to enter the contest to name the newsletter.

 Idaho Falls newsletter

Link to upcoming events for Moscow - Boise - Coeur d'Alene - Idaho Falls - Twin Falls  

Staff Newsletter Contributors: Brian Mahoney, Ali Bretthauer, Debra Rumford, Angela Sowers, Carol Spain

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