Staff Newsletter, February 2014

February 2014

Chair’s Report

Greetings fellow U of I staff. I hope this newsletter finds you in great spirits having spent the recent holidays with family and friends.

  • Incoming President Staben: Staff Affairs leadership met with the incoming president on January 15th. We were all pleased to have a voice with him and look forward to continuing the staff presence in the President’s office in the future.
  • Classification Appeals: The classification appeals are underway. If you plan to appeal, please remember the deadline to submit your appeal is January 31st. You can get more information on the Human Resources website I am pleased to have three Staff Affairs members, Clint Payton, Jane Baillargeon & Irma Sixtos serving on the appeals committee as staff representatives.
  • Staff Constitution & Staff Senate Bylaws: Staff Affairs has approved drafts for a Staff Constitution and Staff Senate Bylaws. These policy changes will create a Staff Senate; a governing body specific to staff that would review and approve policies that affect staff. Our move towards a Staff Senate is in direct response to the need for equal governance as requested by the staff in our recent staff survey.
  • Comp Time: Staff Affairs is leading a newly developed task force represented by affected units campus-wide. They are developing options for comp time that meet all of the IRS rules.
  • Smoke Free Campus: Staff Affairs along with Faculty Senate, ASUI and UI Health Education is reviewing best practices at peer institutions, and while the process is still in its infancy, we hope to have something of substance for the upper administration to review before the semester’s end.

Look for updates and new topics in future newsletters. As always, it is my pleasure to serve you all. Thanks for your continued support of Staff Affairs and for your hard work and dedication to our University.
Brian Mahoney, Chair of Staff Affairs
Sincerely, Brian Mahoney
Chair, Staff Affairs

Special Offering

Look Out Before You Lean InThursday, February 6, 2014, 12:00 – 1:00 PM
The Glass Ceiling has been shattered, yet women still lag behind men in career advancement and compensation. The barriers women currently face in the workplace are much more subtle and require a new approach. It takes more than talent and hard work to be successful, and it's critical to "look out before your lean in."

In this lively webinar, Bonnie Marcus, executive coach and speaker, will outline what it takes to overcome the invisible barriers and navigate the workplace successfully. You will learn:
- The importance of managing your career
- What is means to be savvy in your organization
- How to navigate workplace politics
- How to build influence across the organization
- How to effectively use networking to gain credibility and visibility

Award winning entrepreneur and Forbes contributing writer, Bonnie Marcus, M.Ed., has real conversations for real women about real situations in the workplace today. As the President of Women's Success Coaching, Bonnie assists professional women to successfully navigate the workplace and position and promote themselves to advance their careers.

Green Dot Training for Faculty and Staff – Tuesday, February 18, 9:00 – 11:00 in Admin 217. Virginia Solan
Have you seen the Green Dots? Have you wondered what they are about? The Green Dot movement is about gaining a critical mass of students, staff and faculty who are willing and equipped to do their small part to reduce power-based personal violence and make our world a safer place for everyone.

Join us for an interactive training designed to equip participants with the necessary connection, knowledge and skill to increase their proactive and reactive bystander behaviors. Training explores recognizing high-risk situations, ways to intervene, and promoting the cultural norms that violence is not tolerated and that everyone must contribute to making our campus and world safer. Throughout the training, video, role-plays, and other exercises are utilized to build competence, knowledge and skills necessary to become active bystanders.

Green Dot opportunities are infinite. You don't have to do them all, but you have to do some. Look for the Green Dots where your skill, interest, passion and opportunity intersect! That is where you can have the biggest impact.

Professional Development & Learning February Offerings listed on Events page.


Legislative Breakfast held at the Capitol – January 21

Butch Otter and Don Burnett
Governor Otter and Interim President Burnett both offered remarks about the leading role UI continues to play in our world. © Pixel Light

Additional Treasure Valley Events held in Boise

January 21, 2014
- Collaborating with Idaho Food and Dairy Processors by Jeff Kronenberg, Specialist Food Processing
- Integrated Design Lab’s 10 Year History—and a look at their Future – presented by Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg, Director, UI Integrated Design Lab Boise
- Role of Value-added Agriculture & Food Innovation in Regional Economic Development; a roundtable for business & economic development professionals, presented by Jim Toomey, Director Business Incubator and Josh Bevan, Director of Food Technology

January 22, 2014
- College of Law’s Tax Clinic Road Show, presented by Barbara Lock, Low Income Taxpayer Clinic
- Educational Leadership for Equity and Excellence in Idaho: Content Areas Matter, presented by Dr. Jeffrey Brooks, Chair Leadership and Counseling Department
- Healthy Lifestyle Whole Grain Artisan Bread, presented by Barb Abo, Extension Educator

125th Anniversary Kickoff Celebration in Boise

Dinner was held at the Grove Hotel January 30th – UI Boise celebrated the 125th Anniversary with cake
125th UI Anniversary celebration
125th UI Anniversary celebration
125th UI Anniversary celebration
125th UI Anniversary celebration
125th UI Anniversary celebration

Donate to the New Valley Women and Children's Shelter

UI Boise is doing a collection to benefit the new Valley Women and Children’s shelter in Canyon County.

—Idaho Falls—

Welcome Week – January 13-17

Students, staff and faculty were welcomed back to Spring Semester with free food and give-aways for students. UI faculty and staff volunteered to serve lunch.
Welcome Week Idaho Falls
Mike Hilker, Tom Wood, Jill Randall, Melinda Lent and Cindy Nolte are ready to serve
Welcome Week Idaho Falls
Cindy Nolte, Melinda Lent, Jill Randall—The shirts say it all!

Meet the Vandals – January 23

High school seniors and parents attended an informational meeting in the Bennion Student Union Building to learn about the University of Idaho. The meeting was coordinated by Carol Baldwin.
Debbie LaCroix and son
Debbie LaCroix bought her son to Meet the Vandals

AVANZA (Move Forward) – January 27

An informational evening for Hispanic/Latino high school seniors and their parents was held on January 27 in the Bennion Student Union Building in Idaho Falls. Debbie Caudle is the University Place ALMAS club advisor.
Debbie Caudl and ALMAS
Debbie Caudle, ALMAS Club Advisor, and the ALMAS Club ready for the AVANZA event

Link to upcoming events for Moscow - Boise - Coeur d'Alene - Idaho Falls - Twin Falls  

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