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Ali BrettauerChair, Ali Bretthauer
Academic Support & Access  
Greg FizzellVice-Chair, Greg Fizzell
McCall Outdoor Science School
Janice TodishTreasurer, Janice Todish
Budget Office   
Laila CornwallSecretary, Laila Cornwall 
American Language & Culture Program
Debra Rumford 2014Media Coord., Debra Rumford
Family and Consumer Sciences
Angie SowersOn-Off Campus, Angie Sowers
Coeur d'Alene Center
Name  Department  
 Cindy Bogar  Chemistry
 Ali Bretthauer  Academic Support & Access Programs
 Amber Crowley  University Communications & Marketing
 Matt Dorschel  Environmental Health and Safety
 Greg Fizzell      McCall Outdoor Science School
 Darren Kearney  Information Technology Services
 Chad Neilson  University Communications & Marketing
 Clint Payton  Information Technology Services
 Inna Popova  Plant, Soil and Entomological Sciences
 Kristin Strong  Intramural Sports
 Marlene Wilson  Student Affairs/ICSU
Administrative, Technical and Research
 Jennifer Baillargeon-Hauck  English
 Laila Cornwall  American Language & Culture Program
 Creg Empey  Information Technology Services
 Lori Krasselt  Student Health Services
 Marty Lunt  College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
 Lisa Miller  Payroll and Benefits
 Teresa Million  Curriculum and Instruction
 Kristi Overfelt  College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences
 David Pittsley  Parking and Transportation Services
 Debra Rumford      Family and Consumer Sciences
 Irma Sixtos  Advancement Services
 Janice Todish  Budget Office
 Amber Wilson  Human Resources
Maintenance, Services and Skilled Craft
 John (J.R.) Kok  Facilities
 Ron Polley  Campus Recreation
 John Shuttleworth  University Housing
Off Campus Representatives
 Vickie Burnet  Boise
 Debbie Caudle   Idaho Falls
 Amanda Moore-Kriwox  Twin Falls
 Angie Sowers  Coeur d'Alene
 Michelle Weitz  Boise
Advisory Capacity (w/o vote)
 Elissa Keim  Human Resources
 Brian Mahoney  Campus Recreation/Faculty Senate
 Mark Miller  Commons & Union/Faculty Senate
 Ron Smith  Finance and Administration
 Greg Walters  Human Resources