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Staff Supplemental Professional Development Grants

Grant Information and Application

The University of Idaho Staff Affairs Committee is proud to offer the opportunity to supplement staff professional development through the Staff Supplemental Professional Development Grant. 

General Focus:

The Staff Supplemental Professional Development Grant is designed to enhance the knowledge, skills, and abilities of employees in a manner that will improve academic quality and service at the University of Idaho. Staff Affairs (SA) provides funding for this grant, created to support departments in funding professional development opportunities for staff. The SA Learning & Development Subcommittee will review all applications and make any determinations for funding.

Funding will be processed by SA. This program does not support applications for research funding or equipment, nor for requests submitted retroactively. Currently only board-appointed staff may apply to the Staff Supplemental Professional Development Grant.


The maximum award available for an individual request is $500, but it is possible that individuals may be funded at smaller amounts. Employees are encouraged to also seek funding from units and other sources, as this is intended to truly be supplemental.


Completed applications, including all materials and signatures, must be submitted at least 4 weeks prior to the event.


  • Complete applications must be received via email at least 4 weeks prior to the actual event. Applications received after the event will not be funded.
  • Approval of all applications is dependent upon available funds.
  • The applicant must succinctly document the anticipated impact of opportunity on professional goals of staff member and department/ University community.
  • The grant is meant for reimbursement purposes only, so may not fund a travel advance.
  • Please verify all costs by attaching a budget, including primary and additional funding amounts and sources.


All applications will be evaluated against the following requirements:

  • Eligibility: Applicant is full-time, board-appointed staff member at UI. Preference given to applicants who have never received previous grant funding.
  • Purpose & Goals: Demonstrated and relevant connection of purpose & goals of opportunity to professional goals of staff member.
  • Impact: Impact of staff participation in learning opportunity upon department and University community.
  • UI Availability: Development opportunity otherwise unavailable (in staff locale).

Dispersal of Funds:

  • Funds will be provided in one payment to the department responsible for the applicant’s travel.
  • Successful applicants will receive information on how to request reimbursement for these funds.


Staff Affairs - Learning and Development Subcommittee:

NOTE: Uses of Professional Development funds are subject to university audit. SA reserves the right to cease the supplemental grant program at any time with proper notice to funded, approved, or pending applicants.


Grant Information and Application