Learning & Development

The Learning and Development Subcommittee oversees the continued improvement and delivery of learning and development programs, initiates, and facilitates professional development opportunities, and works to identify key areas where further professional development would benefit a preponderance of University of Idaho staff members.

Currently, we are able to support the needs of staff through efforts such as:

  • Recommending and supporting training and development activities that promote leadership skills/abilities among all University of Idaho staff.
  • Facilitating a biennial, one-day professional development conference devoted to meeting the learning needs of staff.
  • Individual Supplemental Professional Development Grants for staff seeking additional funding to attend opportunities with significant impact to the University as a whole.
  • University-wide networking opportunities, providing social opportunities for staff to connect and build relationships across disciplines to enhance professional success at the University of Idaho.
  • Developing and maintaining partnerships with University departments to further learning and development needs of staff.
  • Supporting statewide training opportunities for off-campus locations.

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