Staff Affairs Subcommittees

Election Subcommittee: Chair Laila Cornwall
The Election Subcommittee manages three tasks:
1. The Election Subcommittee manages the nomination and election process for new members of Staff Affairs by: 
    (a) Submitting a statement to the Media Coordinator stating which member positions are to be filled by election, for publication in official UI communications and/or publications (i.e., The Register, Today@Idaho, Staff Affairs website), during the month of February. Notice will also be sent via Staff Affairs email listservs. Nominations must be in writing and signed by the nominator. 
    (b) Confirming the eligibility and availability of each nominee; 
    (c) Preparing and distributing ballots, ensuring that each eligible staff employee has an opportunity to vote; 
    (d) Collecting and counting the ballots; 
    (e) Reporting the election results to Staff Affairs at the April regular meeting. The election results are validated and the winning candidates named. The Staff Affairs secretary records the order in which all candidates finished in the election.
In the event the number of candidates and vacancies are equal in any category–the election shall be considered non-contested. These positions shall be elected by voice vote at the April Staff Affairs meeting.
2. The Election Subcommittee monitors the vacancies and filling of staff positions on all UI standing committees.
3. The Election Subcommittee manages the process for electing new officers for Staff Affairs in May. Nominations for new officers may be made from the floor or submitted to the chair of the subcommittee. 

Staff Awards Subcommittee: Chair Janice Todish
The Staff Awards subcommittee coordinates the annual Outstanding Employee Award nominations, selection, and award process and plans the annual Staff Awards Reception. The Awards subcommittee works closely with the President’s office and other administrators to coordinate the awarding of the awards. The Staff Awards Subcommittee also solicits contributions to the Staff Educational Endowment Fund (Endowment Fund), invites nominations for awards, ensures that information is provided to all staff and faculty regarding donations to the scholarship fund, and conducts the selection process. The nomination process is governed by these bylaws and states that a name shall be entered into nomination only once each year. The selection process is governed by the criteria set out in the Endowment Fund Agreement. The chair of the subcommittee must present the final number of awards and award amounts for the year to Staff Affairs for approval. The results are presented at the annual Staff Awards Reception.

Staff Appreciation Fair Subcommittee: Co-Chair Amber Crowley, Kristin Strong
The Staff Appreciation Fair Subcommittee plans and produces the annual Staff Appreciation Fair. 

Policy Review Subcommittee: Chair Ali Bretthauer
The Policy Review subcommittee addresses issues directly related to benefits and compensation for staff as well as overseeing the bylaws to make sure they are up to date and accurate for the times. They shall review and initiate revisions to the bylaws and facilitate presentation of amendments to Staff Affairs and UI Staff for recommendation of approval by vote as required. The chair of the Policy Review Subcommittee will serve as parliamentarian during Staff Affairs meetings. The subcommittee is responsible for reviewing University policies (including amendments thereto and proposed new policies in either the Faculty Staff Handbook or the Administrative Procedures Manual) on behalf of Staff Affairs within the process established in Faculty Staff Handbook section 1460. The subcommittee shall focus on policies that affect staff, and shall make a formal recommendation on policies it has reviewed on behalf of Staff Affairs.  

Communications Subcommittee: Chair Debra Rumford
The Communication subcommittee is responsible for maintaining and updating the Staff Affairs website, assisting with the creation of print material for other subcommittees, distribution of a “Welcome to Staff Affairs letter” to new members, distributing information to UI staff members via the Staff Affairs listserv, and serving as a communication bridge between staff and administration; researching issues/ideas and presenting this information to the committee to include those items that are submitted via the website, at committee meetings or by email inquiries. The Communications subcommittee will facilitate periodic scheduling of Staff Forum and Staff Meetings to enhance reciprocal communication between UI staff, Leadership and Staff Affairs. 

Learning and Development Subcommittee: Chair Ali Bretthauer
The Learning and Development subcommittee oversees the continued improvement and delivery of learning and development programs, such as SkillSoft, an online learning program and works to identify and expand professional development opportunities for UI staff.

Officer's Subcommittee: Staff Affairs Officers
The Officer’s subcommittee is responsible for setting agenda items for the monthly Staff Affairs meetings. Members of this committee are the chair, past chair, vice chair, secretary, treasurer, on-off campus communications representative, media coordinator, chairs of all standing subcommittees, and chairs of all ad hoc subcommittees.