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Paleoclimate Analysis of the Chuckanut Formation

 Geology student Renee Breedlovestrout
Renee Breedlovestrout
Geology Doctoral Student
Project funded by GPSA Travel Awards, Carol Nygren Support Fund, and the Evolving Earth Foundation

Paleoclimate Analysis of the Chuckanut Formation Using Fossil Plants, Western Washington, USA

Paleoclimate temperates, derived from dicotyledon leaf margins outline the most detailed assessment of northwestern Washington to date.

The Chuckanut Formation records 8,300 meters of paleovegetative history during the late Paleocene to Eocene eras, 60-45 million years ago.

In this study, paleo-MAT’s are provided for each member using Leaf Margin Analysis.

The results place the Bellingham Bay, Slide, and Warnick Members in the paratropical to broadleaved evergreen subtropical forest regime, and the Padden Member in the mixed coniferous to broadleaved evergreen temperate forest regime.