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Past Hill Undergrad Research Fellowships Recipients

2013 Recipients


The 2013 fellowship winners (with projects beginning spring semester 2014) are as follows:

  • Benjamin Anzis, Mathematics (Faculty mentor: Stefan Tohaneunu)
    Using algebraic geometric techniques to error-correct linear codes.
  • Kami Cole, Microbiology (Faculty mentor: Craig McGowan)
    How do they climb the hill? The effect of incline hopping in kangaroo rats.
  • Hailey Knox, Chemistry (Faculty mentor: Jakob Magolan)
    Synthesis of MF-438 and analogs for targeting lung cancer-initiating cells.
  • Duy Duc Nguyen, Biology (Faculty mentor: Peter Fuerst)
    Cell apoptosis and regeneration of axons in association with up regulation of phosphorylated c-Jun in Dscam mutant mouse retina.
  • Joseph Schmalz, Biochemistry (Faculty mentor: Jakob Magolan)
    Synthesis of contrasting agents used for computed tomography (CT) scans.

Featured Students

Read about a few of our 2013 recipients of the Hill Fellowship.

Kami Cole
Hopping into Research
Hill Fellowship winner Kami Cole studies kangaroo rats to understand locomotion
» Read more about Kami's research
Ben Anzis
A Different Dimension
Hill Fellowship winner dives into math classes, independent study, research
» Read more about Ben's interest in math

2012 Recipients

The 2012 batch of fellowship winners (with projects beginning spring semester 2013) is as follows:

  • Steve Holmbo, Chemistry (Faculty mentor: Professor Jakob Magolan)
    Chemical synthesis of the natural compound veranamine
  • Curtis Johnson, Geology (Faculty mentor: Professor Dennis Geist)
    The relationship between igneous activity and mineralization within the Leeville mining complex
  • Daniel LaPorte, Physics (Faculty mentor: Professor Marty Ytreberg)
    Relative fluctuation analysis of wild type human p53 and mutants
  • Rebecca McKenzie, Microbiology (Faculty mentor: Professor Tania Miura)
    Evaluating the use of resveratrol to inhibit influenza virus-induced inflammation
  • Kim Miles, Geology (Faculty mentor: Professor Jerry Fairley)
    Economic mineral deposits as an explanation for anomalous water chemistry at Colgate Lick hot springs, Lolo Pass, Idaho


Featured Students

Read about a few of our 2012 recipients of the Hill Fellowship.

Daniel LaPorte and Marty Ytreberg
Daniel LaPorte
Protein Research Prepares Student for Future as Oncologist
Daniel will use the Hill Fellowship award to present his work on p53 at the American Biophysical Society’s 2014 conference.
» Read about Daniel and his research
Rebecca McKenzie in the lab with a microscope.
Rebecca McKenzie
Fighting the Flu From the Laboratory
Rebecca will be using the Hill Fellowship to support her research on a treatment for easing the symptoms of influenza A.
» Read more about Rebecca and her work

2011 Recipients

The 2011 batch of fellowship winners (with projects beginning spring semester 2012) is as follows:

  • Isaac Barber-Axthelm, Biology (Faculty mentor: Tanya Miura)
    Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Resveratrol on Murine Hepatitis Virus-1 Infected Lung Epithelial Cells
  • Emma Ehret, Biology, (Faculty mentor: Gustavo Arrizabalaga)
    Investigating Toxoplasma gondii Mutants to Identify Essential Proteins
  • Jessica Osterloh, Geology (Faculty mentor: Jerry Fairley)
    Geothermal Potential of Idaho’s Snake River Plain
  • Sarah Vukelich, Chemistry (Faculty mentor: Jakob Magolan)
    New Catalytic Oxidations for the Synthesis of Valuable Heterocycles


Featured Students

Read about a few of our 2011 recipients of the Hill Fellowship.

Jessica Osterloh is a Hill Fellowship winner working with Geology professor Jerry Fairley
Jessica Osterloh
One of Geology professor Dr. Fairley's classes sparked an interest in geothermal surveys for Jessica leading to her work with existing drill wells on the Snake River Plain with support from the Hill Undergraduate Research Fellowship.
» Learn more about Jessica & her research
Sarah Vukelich
Sarah Vukelich
Sarah’s project is in the field of “green chemistry”, in which newer, more environmentally friendly, methods are sought as alternatives to standard processes in synthetic chemistry.
» Learn more about Sarah & her project
Nick Weires' Hill Fellowship Project -- Synthesizing Organic Compounds
A junior Chemistry major finds his research passion.
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