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Hill Undergrad Research Fellowships

Thanks to the generosity of Dr. Brian and Gayle Hill of Portland, Oregon, the University of Idaho College of Science is able to offer several fellowships each year to support undergraduate research projects. The awards typically extend for three semesters and include both a research budget and a scholarship component.

2014 Recipients


The 2014 batch of fellowship winners (with projects beginning spring semester 2015) are as follows:

  • Alexandra Adams, Geology (Faculty mentor: Elizabeth Cassel)
    Isotopic fractionation of light elements — reconstructing past elevations and drainages in east Idaho and southwest Montana
  • Jonah Bartrand, Physics and Geology (Faculty mentor: Dave McIlroy)
    Formation of silver nanosprings on silica nanosprings
  • Catherine Brands, Biology (Faculty mentor: Onesmo Balemba)
    Effects of palmitic acid and methane gas on gastrointestinal motility
  • Paul Hanna, Chemistry (Faculty mentor: Kristopher Waynant)
    "Investigating the transition states of quinone intramolecular Diels–Alder reactions towards the asymmetric total synthesis of Elisabethin A

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