Statistics Minor

Knowledge of statistical methods and theory has become increasingly important to students in many disciplines such as the life sciences, physical sciences, social sciences, engineering, and business. As more and more data are collected, stored and analyzed, students are finding it increasingly beneficial to gain expertise in statistics to bolster their research skills and enhance their career opportunities. To help prepare such students the Department of Statistical Science offers an undergraduate minor for non-majors who take a significant number of courses in Statistics. Coursework for the degree exposes students to statistical computation, theory of mathematical statistics, and many common techniques of statistical analysis. A minor in Statistical Science may be beneficial for your career.

Required Coursework

  • Math 160 Survey of Calculus or Math 170 Analytic Geometry and Calculus (4 cr)
  • Stat 251 Statistical Methods or Stat 301 Probability and Statistics (3 cr)
  • Stat 431 (formerly Stat 401)Statistical Analysis (3 cr)
  • Stat 422 Sample Survey Methods (3 cr)

Plus three of the following courses (9 cr)

Total of 22 credits