Graduate Academic Certificate of Completion in Statistical Science

The Certificate in Statistical Science is developed for graduate students majoring in disciplines other than statistics who wish to show a competency in statistics. Students are not required to be actively pursuing a graduate degree in order to participate in the certificate program, but must satisfy graduate admission requirements at the University of Idaho. This certificate program is available in either of, or a combination of two venues: on-campus study or via Engineering Outreach (EO) - the distance education arm of the University of Idaho.

The certificate program is designed to give the student a background in the statistical methods that are applicable to their major field of study. When planning coursework toward the certificate, students should see the certificate coordinator in the Department of Statistical Sciences to ensure that the courses chosen will meet the student's professional objectives.


  • Students admitted to the Graduate School at the University of Idaho must submit the Academic Certificate Declaration on page 2 of the Change of Curriculum form to the certificate coordinator for department chair approval.
  • To apply for the program as a stand-alone certificate please apply online through Graduate Admissions.  You will be required to submit transcripts showing a minimum of a 3.0 gpa for your undergraduate degree.
  • Students must contact the certificate coordinator to discuss background qualifications prior to starting the certificate.

Required Coursework:

  • Stat 431  Statistical Analysis (3 cr)

Plus one of the following (3 cr):

  • Stat 422  Sample Survey Methods (3 cr)
  • Stat 507  Experimental Design (3 cr)

Two or more of the following (9 cr):

  • Stat 428  Geostatistics (3 cr)
  • Stat 451  Probability Theory (3 cr)
  • Stat 452  Mathematical Statistics (3 cr)
  • Stat 514  Nonparametric Statistics (3 cr)
  • Stat 519  Multivariate Analysis (3 cr)
  • Stat 555  Statistical Ecology (3 cr)
  • Stat 565  Computer Intensive Statistics (3 cr)

Note: Credits to total 15 for this Academic Certificate

Certificate Coordinator
Sarah Morra - Stat Department Manager

For more information please email

Students interested in employment in statistics per se should consider studying for an M.S. degree in Statistics.