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2014 College and Department Award Winners
The College of Science and Departmental Awards for the Class of 2014.
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Courntey Creech
Problem-Solving Her Future
Mukilteo, Wash., musician turns math degree into exciting career opportunity starting after graduation.
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Megan Paul and Alicia Fink are recipients of the HACH Foundation Scholarship
HACH Foundation Scholarship Recipients in Chemistry
Future high school chemistry teachers, Megan Paul and Alicia Fink, received the HACH Foundation Scholarship, which awards about $6000 per year to each recipient.
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Lucas Tate
Studying Statistics Down Under
Statistical Sciences student and professor head to Australia for biostatistics, epidemiology experience
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Brian Vo in the lab.
Chemistry Graduate Cooks Up Success in the Lab
University of Idaho chemistry graduate Brian Vo finds success in labs, as a teaching assistant and in published articles.
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Pete Fuerst
Reading the Book of the Brain
Pete Fuerst's lab studies the intricate connections of the neural network
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Rebecca LaVerne Winzer, Goldwater Scholar recipient 2013
Turning Opportunity into Gold(water)
Goldwater Scholar Rebecca LaVerne Winzer uses her research to provide a foundation for future physics success.
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Kali Turner
Kali Turner’s hands-on experience prepares her for a future studying disease
Turner graduates this winter with a degree in biological sciences, but she will stay in Idaho for a semester to complete her research before heading across the world for even more hands-on experience that she hopes will lead her to a future helping humans fight disease.
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Larz White and Chris Mirazadeh working on the supercomputer, Dirac, they built in the Physics Department.
More Power: Taking Education Up a Notch
One computer just wouldn’t cut it for Larz White's research. Larz found fellow physics graduate Chris Mirabzadeh with an interest in computer to help with his plan. Together they built Dirac, a supercomputer.
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Saturn's Moon Enceladus: An Ocean Deep and Wide
Graduate student Alex Patthoff and Professor Simon Kattenhorn find evidence that an ocean may flow below the surface of Saturn's moon Enceladus. "Water provides the key ingredient for a habitable environment, and thus astrobiological potential— the ability to support life— which is why the search for liquid water elsewhere in the solar system has been one of the primary directives for NASA,” said Kattenhorn.
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UI Grad Sets Sights on Medical Career
Erika Bengtson's favorite childhood toy was her dad's old microscope. Her persistent curiosity about the microscopic universe led her to the biology and microbiology degrees from the University of Idaho.
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Students playing with fire
Playing with fire and ice – and potatoes
Karen Harpp's geoscience education and outreach methods class shows fifth-grade students the fun of science.
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Out-of-this-World Research
Jacob Bow, a 2011 Goldwater Scholar and a National Merit Scholar, maps the surface of a Saturn moon and researches nanomechanics.
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Robin Baker in the lab
Math-Biology undergraduate education boosted by NSF grant
Robin Baker participates in a NSF-funded program to encourage interdisciplinary Mathematics and Biology undergraduate programs at the University of Idaho and Washington State University.
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2011 Innovations in Fuel Cycle Research Award Winners Announced
September 2011
Donna Quach, a Ph.D. student in Chemistry at the University of Idaho, has been awarded a second place prize in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Innovations in Fuel Cycle Research Awards.
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Plaque for the World's First Full Scale Nuclear Reactor
The Science of Historic Nuclear Weapons
Karen Harpp’s CORE science class, The Advent of the Atomic Bomb, is making science interesting and much more interactive.
» The Advent of the Atomic Bomb
Sarah Reichman
This is Your Next Step
Growing up with dyslexia, Sarah Reichman was drawn to molecular biology, fascinated by gene modification.
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Chris Cox
Arctic Adventurer Studies Changing Atmosphere
Geography student Chris Cox Cox will be taking atmospheric, climate and precipitation measurements from a mobile science facility on skis at Summit Station in Greenland during a project aimed at understanding how climate change is affecting the ice sheet.
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Journey and Learning Never Stops
“What I’ve been taught at the University is the ability to learn. Now it’s up to me to find out what I am capable of doing with that knowledge.”
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A map of Mars
Painting a Different Picture
Stripes on Mars Research Gains Momentum
Few undergraduate students find their work referred to in Nature Magazine and Popular Science, but for Vandal alumnus Daisuke Kobayashi that dream became a reality.
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mouth of an old bottle
Uncorking The Past
Bottle Analysis Shakes Up Chemistry and Anthropology
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Fellowship Award Funds Research in Synthetic Nucleic Acid Chemistry
Organic synthesis is all in a days work for chemistry student Dale Guenther. Her reserach is helping increase the understanding of antisense therapy, which can help treat genetic disorders or infections.
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Looking Back to Predict Environmental Changes
Dan Joswiak analyzes the atmospheric chemical composition in ice cores from the Tibetan Plateau.
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William Godsoe – Biology Graduate Student
Hear from one of our top Biology P.hD students who is currently involved in two projects including one investigating the role of insects in shaping the evolution of plants in nature.
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Cody Buck
Our Students Get Out and Explore!
Hear from Geological Sciences Undergraduate Student About Her Research in Antarctica.
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student and child in hay field
Lisa Heuvel ─ Neuroscience Graduate Student
Hear how Lisa was inspired to study neurology after her brother was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, a neurobiological disorder.
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Roxana Hickey
Roxanna Hickey: Research in Women's Health
As a junior studying molecular biology and biochemistry, Roxanna Hickey is already in the lab studying important women’s health issues.
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Sara Gilmore
Sara Gilmore completes her bachelor's degree in molecular biology and biochemistry in 3 1/2 years.
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Matt Racine
Undergraduate Research Key to Shaping Vandal Futures
Research influences undergraduate education at the University of Idaho
Two students investigate the effects of exercise training on performance and gene expression
» Featuring Matt Racine and Roxana Hickey
Roxana Hickey
Roxanna Hickey: Research in Women's Health
As a junior studying molecular biology and biochemistry, Roxanna Hickey is already in the lab studying important women’s health issues.
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University of Idaho Math club logo
University of Idaho Math Team Competes with Top Schools Including Harvard, MIT at William Lowell Putnam Competition
In 2008 the University of Idaho placed 46th out of more than 500 schools.
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Physics Students Earns Top Internship at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center
Kathryn Tomaszewski studies dark matter, dark energy and black holes at NASA.
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Jacob Turner - Physics Graduate Student
Get advice from a current graduate student in our physics department.
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Alumnae Christine Pharr, Ph.D. Chemistry
Christine Pharr, Ph.D.Chemistry
"I'm incredibly grateful to the University of Idaho for the excellent graduate student educational experience I had while there. I was challenged, rewarded and fulfilled by my experiences."
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