Faculty Features

Kennecotts Bingham Canyon Mine
Digging Into the World of Copper
UI professor’s research reveals new patterns in how economically important copper deposits are distributed across the Earth
» Read about Assistant Professor Brian Yanites's new research
Discover Idaho’s Wildflowers with New App
University of Idaho’s Stillinger Herbarium joins Northwest partners to make plant information available to the public
» Learn about Idaho's Wildflower App
A Better Prosthetic
UI biology researcher models complex muscle interactions to help make prosthetic devices less painful
» Read about Craig McGowan's research
Menopause and Microbiomes
Until recently, scientists knew little about which bacteria make up women’s reproductive tracts and influence their health
» Read about Larry Forney's research
Dr. Tom Bitterwolf was names the class of 2014 AAAS Fellows for his work as a teacher and researcher.
Chemistry in the Classroom
Longtime professor “Doc” Bitterwolf named AAAS Fellow for dedication to teaching, research
» Read about Doc's achievement
Studying the History of Moving Mountains
Geology professor investigates how plate tectonics helped an ancient mountain range disappear
» Learn about the mountain range lost to time
microscopic view of the ebola virus
Confronting Ebola with Computers
New working group uses advanced modeling techniques to understand evolution, spread of deadly virus
» Learn how modeling is helping fight Ebola
A green Anole on a log.
Research Reveals Rapid Evolution
UI professor uses DNA-sequencing tools to understand how Florida anoles adapted quickly to invading species
» Read about the green anoles adaption
False-color image of Europa’s trailing northern hemisphere showing numerous ridges (red) and band (light colored) features. Subduction zones may also be present in the study area and are identified by arrows.
Exploring Europa’s Mysteries
Geological sciences professor Simon Kattenhorn discovers evidence of plate tectonics on Jupiter’s icy moon
» Explore Jupiter's Earth-like moon
Teachers practicing using techniques learned during the Making Mathematics Reasoning Explicit program.
Beyond ‘Math Magic’
Teachers in joint UI-WSU program learn new ways to help students understand, apply math.
» Read about the Making Mathematics Reasoning Explicit program
The bottom of gecko's feet.
Discovering Geckos’ Sticky Secrets
Biology and engineering researcher investigates the tiny structures that give geckos their incredible climbing power – helping humans answer evolutionary questions and create high–tech materials.
» Read about the research on geckos' climbing power
Sunrise shining on the University of Idaho Administraion building
College of Science Recipients | Excellence Awards
College of Science faculty recognized during the Excellence Awards held on April 29, 2014.
» Congratulations to our faculty
Professor David McIlroy
Big Award for Tiny Research
Physics Professor David McIlroy Recognized with Idaho NSF EPSCoR Award for Work with Nanomaterials
» More about Professor McIlroy's work with nanotechnology
climate change scientists' base camp in Asia
A High View of Climate Change
UI geography researchers contribute to international studies of climate change
» Learn More about U of I researchers contributions to the study of climate change
A sun glint off the methane see on Staturn's moon Titan
Waves on an Alien World
UI physics researchers find first evidence of waves in Titan’s methane seas
» Read about Professor Jason Barnes's research
A volcano on a Galapagos island
Unearthing the Galápagos Story
Geology professor Dennis Geist studies the surprising geology deep beneath the Galápagos Islands
» Read more about Dennis's research
UI Researchers Help Decode New View of Saturn’s Moon Titan, Contribute to Cassini Mission
A team of NASA researchers around the nation, including Physics Assistant Professor Jason Barnes and his team of students, revealed this week a new view of Saturn’s moon Titan.
» Reab more about Jason Barnes and Matt Hedman's work
Pete Fuerst
Reading the Book of the Brain
Pete Fuerst's lab studies the intricate connections of the neural network
» Read more about Pete's research
Luke Harmon in front of a projection of OneZoom.
Visualizing a Vast World
Biology profesor Luke Harmson helps develop website that brings the tree of life to life
» Read more about Luke's participation in OneZoom
Selective removal of CPDs (in green) from the viral DNA replication centers (BrdU label in red) after UV irradation of HCMV-infected cells
Investigating a Common Virus’ Damaging Effect on Cells
Lee Fortunato’s research method reveals how a virus responsible for birth defects co-opts a cell’s ability to repair itself.
» Learn more about Fortunato's research
graduate student holding a fawn
Pronghorn Research Solves Decades-Old Evolutionary Controversy
Does a male pronghorn antelope’s number of matings increase the number of offspring he has?
» Read more about John Byer's research and Bateman’s Slope
From Moscow to the Galapagos
Dennis Geist, recently named President of the Charles Darwin Foundation, brings Galapagos research home to Moscow.
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