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A sun glint off the methane see on Staturn's moon Titan
Waves on an Alien World
UI physics researchers find first evidence of waves in Titan’s methane seas
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Lucas Tate
Studying Statistics Down Under
Statistical Sciences student and professor head to Australia for biostatistics, epidemiology experience
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A volcano on a Galapagos island
Unearthing the Galápagos Story
Geology professor Dennis Geist studies the surprising geology deep beneath the Galápagos Islands
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Brian Vo in the lab.
Chemistry Graduate Cooks Up Success in the Lab
University of Idaho chemistry graduate Brian Vo finds success in labs, as a teaching assistant and in published articles.
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UI Researchers Help Decode New View of Saturn’s Moon Titan, Contribute to Cassini Mission
A team of NASA researchers around the nation, including Physics Assistant Professor Jason Barnes and his team of students, revealed this week a new view of Saturn’s moon Titan.
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Malcolm Renfrew reading about North American birds
Remembering an Icon
Chemistry professor Malcolm M. Renfrew leaves decades-long legacy at University of Idaho
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Hannah Kiser runs on the University of Idaho track while toting her chemistry equipment
On Track in Her Field
Biochemistry major and runner Hannah Kiser excels in academics and athletics
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Pete Fuerst
Reading the Book of the Brain
Pete Fuerst's lab studies the intricate connections of the neural network
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Rebecca LaVerne Winzer, Goldwater Scholar recipient 2013
Turning Opportunity into Gold(water)
Goldwater Scholar Rebecca LaVerne Winzer uses her research to provide a foundation for future physics success.
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