Kaitlyn "Kait" Miller in Greece

Dean's Award: Kaitlyn "Kait" Miller

In the town Oia on the island Santorini in Greece during a study abroad through Semester at Sea.

Dean's Award is awarded to the outstanding senior in each department.


Playing the Mellophone in the Vandal Marching Band.

My name is Kaitlyn Miller, but I go by Kait.
I am from Wasilla, Alaska.

Why did you choose UI?
I chose the University of Idaho because I was born in Pullman so I knew the area. I liked the sound of the Biology program, I received a few scholarships to go here, and for the Vandal Marching Band!


Biology 213: Structure and Function with Dr. McGowan and Dr. Harmon.

Sayantani Dasgupta, who taught my freshmen core class.

Holly Wichman's, the one I work in now!

Research Project?
Examining the LINE-1 activity in mammals, specifically in the primate family.


The winning floor hockey team!

Study Time

Study early or procrastinate?
I tend to procrastinate studying until a couple days before the test or assignment is due.

Go-to Snack?
Popcorn is my go-to study snack. You can never have enough popcorn.


The Mock Trial team from 2012 with the Spirit of AMTA Award.

Campus Life

What UI memory makes you laugh the most?
My memories in the marching band definitely make me laugh the most. Band kids are crazy!

Dorm or Greek?
I lived in the dorms for two years and then off-campus for two years.

Intermural Sports or Student Clubs?
I played on an intramural softball, basketball, floor hockey, and ultimate frisbee team. I only played each sport one semester. In basketball I fell and fractured my wrist in the second game. The floor hockey team I was on won the tournament! I was also in Mock Trial for three years and the Vandal Marching Band for four years. This past year I also performed in the Vagina Monologues. I know this is not a club or anything but I also studied abroad the summer between my junior and senior year thro‚Äčugh Semester at Sea. It was an incredible experience, one that I would repeat in a heartbeat.


Painted up for the men's basketball game in 2011.

What's Next?

What are your plans for after graduation?
After graduation I will be attending the University of Cincinnati to get my master's in Genetic Counseling.

What should incoming first-year students know?
First-year students should know that it's never too late to join a club or team. You do not have to do everything your first semester, even if though that's when your class load is the lightest. Try a few different things to see what you like. If you don't like it then drop it and join something else next semester.

What advice do you have for other students in your major?
To other biology students I would say that if you can take summer classes then do it. I know that going to class is not something that you want to do in the summer but it makes the school much easier. I took one class every summer (3 in total) and because of that I was able to work in a lab for three years, join a bunch of activities, study abroad, and take only 13 credits my final semester.