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Department of Mathematics
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Rob Ely, Ph.D.

Office: Brink 314
Phone: 208-885-6740
Email: ely@uidaho.edu
Mailing Address: 875 Perimeter Drive, MS 1103
Department of Mathematics
Moscow, ID 83844-1103

Department of Mathematics
Associate Professor

With UI Since 2007

  • Selected Publications
    • Adams, A., Ely, R., & Yopp, D. (to appear). Making arguments viable: Using generic examples.
    • Bair, J., B┼éaszczyk, P., Ely, R., Henry, V., Kanovei, V., Katz, K., Katz, M., Kutateladze, S., McGaffey, T., Sherry, D., & Shnider, S. (2013). Is mathematical history written by the victors? Notices of the AMS, 60(7), 886-904.
    • Ely, R. (2012). Loss of dimension in the history of calculus and in student reasoning. The Mathematics Enthusiast, 9(3), 303-326.
    • Ely, R. & Adams, A. (2012). Unknown, placeholder, or variable: What is x?Mathematics Education Research Journal, 24, 19–38.
    • Ely, R. (2011). Envisioning the infinite by projecting finite properties.  Journal of Mathematical Behavior, 30(1): 1-18. 
    • Ely, R. (2010). Nonstandard student conceptions about infinitesimal and infinite numbers. Journal for Research in Mathematics Education. 41(2): 117–146.
    • Ely, R. & Cohen, J. S. (2010). Using student work: The double-spin game. Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, 16(4), 208-215.
  • Research Projects
    • Making Mathematics Reasoning Explicit (MMRE) -- a 5-year, $5 million, NSF Math Science Partnership Grant (2011-2016) collaboration between Washington State University, University of Idaho, and a consortium of rural districts in eastern Washington and northern Idaho. The goal is to develop teacher leaders in Grades 4-12 who promote mathematical reasoning, generalization, and justification in their classrooms, schools, and districts.