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Paul Joyce, Ph.D.

Office: 413 Brink Hall
Phone: 208-885-6195; 208-885-6338
Email: joyce@uidaho.edu

College of Science
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  • Selected Publications
    • Wojtowicz A.J., Miller C.R., Joyce P.  Estimating the number of one step beneficial mutations. Statistical Applications in Genetics and Molecular Biology, 2011.  Submitted December 2011.  In press, to appear 2012
    • Joyce P., Genz A., Buzbas E.O. Efficient simulation and likelihood methods for non-neutral multi-allele models. Journal of Computational Biology.  In press, to appear 2012.
    • Slater G.J., Harmon L.J., Joyce P., Revell L.J.,  Alfaro M.E.  Fitting models of continuous trait evolution to incompletely sampled comparative data using Approximate Bayesian Computation. Evolution. 66(3):752-762, 2012.
    • Nagel A.G., Joyce P., Wichman H.A ., Miller C.R. Stickbreaking: a novel fitness landscape model that harbors epistatis and is consistent with commonly observed patterns of adaptive evolution.  Genetics 190:669-677, 2012
    • Buzbas, E.O., Joyce, P., Rosenberg, N.A. Inference on the strength of balancing selection in epistatically interacting loci. Journal of Theoretical Biology , 79, Issue 3, 102-113, 2011.
    • Rokyta D.R., Joyce P., Caudle S.B., Miller C.R.,  Beisel C.J., Wichman H.A.  Epistasis between beneficial mutations and the phenotype-to-fitness map for a ssDNA Virus.  PLoS Genetics.  Vol. 7, Issue 6.  e1002075. Epub   2011. 
    • Lee K.H., Miller C.R., Nagel A.C., Wichman H.A., Joyce P., Ytreberg F.M.. First-step mutations for adaptation at elevated temperature increase capsid stability in a virus. PLoS One. e25640. Epub 2011. 
    • Eastman J.M., Harmon L.J., La H.J., Joyce P., Forney L.J. The onion model, a simple neutral model for the evolution of diversity in bacterial biofilms. J Evol Biol. 2496-504, 2011.
    • Eastman J.M., Alfaro M.E., Joyce P., Hipp A.L., Harmon L.J.  A novel comparative method for identifying shifts in the rate of character evolution on trees. Evolution. 65: 3578-35-89, 2011.
    • Miller, C.R., Joyce, P., Wichman, H.A. Mutational effects and population dynamics during viral adaptation challenge current models. Genetics, 187: 185–202, 2011.
    • Marjoram P. and P. Joyce.  Practical implications of coalescent theory.  Problem Solving Handbook in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics.  Springer Books, 63-85, 2010.
    • Buzbas, E.O., P. Joyce. Maximum likelihood estimates under K-allele models with selection can be numerically unstable.  Annals of Applied Statistics.  3, 1147-1162, 2009.