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Department of Mathematics
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Lyudmyla Barannyk, Ph.D.

Office: Brink 317
Phone: 208-885-6719
Email: barannyk@uidaho.edu
Mailing Address: 875 Perimeter Drive, MS 1103
Department of Mathematics
Moscow, ID 83844-1103

Department of Mathematics
Assistant Professor

With UI Since 2007

  • Research/Focus Areas
    • Applied Mathematics, Scientific Computing, Mathematical Modeling, Asymptotic Methods, Boundary Integral Methods, Vortex Methods, Pseudo-Spectral Methods, Fluid Dynamics, Interfacial Instability, Partial Differential Equations, Grid-Free Numerical Methods
  • Selected Publications
    • L.L. Barannyk, D.T. Papageorgiou, and P.G. Petropoulos. Suppression of Rayleigh-Taylor instability using electric fields (2010) (submitted to Mathematics and Computers in Simulation)
    • L.L. Barannyk and D.T. Papageorgiou. Fully nonlinear gravity-capillary solitary waves in a two-fluid system of finite depth. J. Engrg. Math. 42 (2002) 321–339.
    • L.L. Barannyk and L.F. Barannyk. On the classification of subalgebras of the Poincare algebra AP(2, n). (Ukrainian) Dopov. Nats. Akad. Nauk Ukrainy 8 (1998) 17–20.
    • L.L. Barannyk. Invariant solutions of a nonlinear system of differential equations for electromagnetic field. J. Nonlin. Math. Phys. 4: 3–4 (1997) 482–491.
    • W.I. Fushchych and L.L. Barannyk. Symmetry reduction on subalgebras of the Poincare algebra of a nonlinear system of differential equations of a vector field. (Ukrainian) Dopov. Nats. Akad. Nauk Ukrainy 8 (1997) 50–57.
  • Research Projects
    • Nonlinear gravity-capillary waves in a channel in the presence of electric fields (joint with D.T. Papageorgiou, Imperial College London, and P.G. Petropoulos, New Jersey Institute of Technology)
    • Evolution of solitary waves in a channel (joint with W. Choi, New Jersey Institute of Technology, and R. Krasny, University of Michigan)
    • A fast method for simulating mesoscopic dynamics of large ODE systems (joint with A. Panchenko, Washington State University)
  • Awards and Honors
    • SEED Grant, University of Idaho, Propagation of Solitary Waves in a Channel, 2008
    • Rackham Faculty Research Fellowship, University of Michigan, Evolution of Vortex  Sheets in a Channel, 2004