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Student Theses


Anderson, Heidi (2011)
Sedimentology and Lithostratigraphy of the Carboniferous Tarija-Chaco Basin, Southern Bolivia: Geodynamic and Paleoclimatic Evolution.
Ph.D. Geology (advisor: Isaacson)

Barnes, Jane (2011)
Deformation Bands in Subglacially Erupted Hyaloclasitite Ridges, Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland.
M.S. Geology (advisor: Kattenhorn)

Breedlovestrout, Renee (2011)
Paleofloristic Studies in the Paleogene Chuckanut Basin, Western Washington, USA.
Ph.D. Geology (advisor: Parrish)

Carey, Lauren (2011)
Evaluation of Oxygen and Hydrogen Isotopes in Groundwater of the Palouse Basin and Moscow Sub-basin.
M.S. Hydrology (advisor: Osiensky)

Moran, Kathryn (2011)
Interpretation of Long-Term Grande Ronde Aquifer Testing in the Palouse Basin in Idaho and Washington.
M.S. Hydrology (advisor: Osiensky)


Daly, Rachel (2010)
Fracture Styles at Upheaval Dome, Canyonlands National Park, Utah, Imply Both Meteorite Impact and Salt Diapirism.
M.S. Geology (advisor: Kattenhorn)

De la Rue, Sarah (2010)
Implications for an Anoxia-Related Control on Green Algal Distributions at the Late Devonian Frasnian/Famennian Boundary.
Ph.D. Geology (advisor: Isaacson)

Hell, Justin (2010)
Facies Analysis and Sequence Interpretation of the Late Devonian Three Forks Formation, Lost River Range, Idaho.
M.S. Geology (advisor: Isaacson)

Hobbs, Kevin (2010)
Global Climate Change in the Miocene Recorded in Columbia River Basalt-hosted Paleosols.
M.S. Geology (advisor: Parrish)

Kay, Johnathan (2010)
The Case for Recent Tectonic Activity on Jupiter’s Moon Europa.
M.S. Geology (advisor: Kattenhorn)


Bennett, Brad (2009)
Recharge Implications of Strategic Pumping of the Wanapum Aquifer System in the Moscow Sub-Basin.
M.S. Hydrology (advisor: Osiensky)

Coulter, Christina (2009)
Kinematic and Morphological Evolution of Europa’s Ridges.
M.S. Geology (advisor: Kattenhorn)

Dorney, Liam (2009)
Carbonate Lakes and Mounds in the Jurassic Navajo Formation of Southeastern Utah.
M.S. Geology (advisor: Parrish)

Felsman, Jason (2009)
Geology, Hydrothermal Alteration, and Gold-Telluride Mineralization in the Vicinity of Carbon Hill and Taylor Ridge, Bear Lodge Mountains, Crook County, Wyoming.
M.S. Geology (advisor: Geist)

Fiedler, Aaren (2009)
Well Interference Effects in the Grande Ronde Aquifer System in the Moscow-Pullman Area of Idaho and Washington.
M.S. Hydrology (advisor: Osiensky)

Hubbell, Joel (2009)
Estimation of Temporal and Spatial Water Flux in a Deep Vadose Zone.
Ph.D. Geology (advisor: Johnson)

Huebner, Thomas (2009)
Investigation of Potential Diel Cycling of Rare Earth and Other Elements in Paradise Creek, Moscow Idaho.
M.S. Geology (advisor: Wood)

Mansoori, Moshghan (2009)
A Model for Estimating Effects of Temperature and Flux on Biomass in the Borax Lake Fault Zone.
M.S. Hydrology (advisor: Fairley)

Taylor, Charity (2009)
Low-level Detection of Amphiboles; Fingerprint Kits, Caulking Products, and Body Powders as Examples.
M.S. Geology (advisor: Gunter)


Lahiri, Chayan (2008)
Estimating bounds of permeability in Leach Hot Spring faults, Basin and Range Province, Nevada.
M.S. Geology (advisor: Fairley)

Murray, Linda (2008)
Boundary Condition Refinement and Quantification of Water Exchange Incorporating Long-Term Variability of Perimeter Lakes with the Spokane Valley – Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer.
M.S. Hydrology (advisor: Osienski)

Paspuel, Andres Gorki Ruiz (2008)
Inflation and Deflation Modeling at Sierra Negra and Fernandina Volcanoes Based on GPS Measurements, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.
M.S. Geology (advisor: Geist)

Sabga, Melissa (2008)
Implications of Temporal-Compositional Variations in the Cerro Pajas Flow, Floreana Volcano, Galapagos Islands.
M.S. Geology (advisor: Geist)

Walker, Erin (2008)
Evolution of the Hat Creek Fault System, Northern California.
M.S. Geology (advisor: Kattenhorn)


Badon, Nicole (2007)
Implementation of a Ground Water Monitoring Program and Aquifer Testing in the Wanapum Aquifer System, Latah County, Idaho.
M.S. Hydrology (advisor: Osiensky)

Douglas, Stacey (2007)
Development of a Numerical Ground Water Flow Model for the M3 Eagle Development Area near Eagle, Idaho.
M.S. Hydrology (advisor: Osiensky)

Hernandez, Hannah (2007)
Observations of Recharge to the Wanapum Aquifer System in the Moscow Area, Latah County, Idaho.
M.S. Hydrology (advisor: Osiensky)

Kingsley, Timothy (2007)
Kinematic Analysis and Age Constraints of Mineralization at the Kensington Gold Deposit, Southeast Alaska.
M.S. Geology (advisor: McClelland)

Kruszewski, Jason (2007)
Solubility of Bismuth in Hydrothermal Liquid and Vapor: Implications for Ore Formation.
M.S. Geology (advisor: Wood)

McVay, Mike (2007)
Grande Ronde Aquifer Characterization in the Palouse Basin.
M.S. Hydrology (advisor: Osiensky)

Opatz, Chad (2007)
Evaluation of Cleaning and Rehabilitation of University of Idaho Well #2 on the Local Groundwater Systems, in the Moscow, Idaho Area.
M.S. Hydrology (advisor: Osiensky)

Podgorney, Robert (2007)
Unsaturated Flow in Strongly Heterogeneous Flow Systems: The Importance of Episodic Flow Events.
Ph.D. Geology (advisor: Fairley)

Sanchez, Matthew (2007)
Characterization of Amphiboles from Libby, Montana.
M.S. Geology (advisor: Gunter)

Taunton, Anne (2007)
Mineralogy and Geochemistry in the Lung.
Ph.D. Geology (advisor: Gunter)


Abplanalp, Jason (2006)
Late Mississippian (Chesterian) Conodont Biostratigraphy of East-Central Idaho and Southwest Montana.
M.S. Geology (advisor: Isaacson)

Anderson, Todd (2006)
Relating permeability and structural setting of Mickey Hot Springs, southeast Oregon.
M.S. Environmental Science (advisor: Fairley)

Armstrong, Christopher (2006)
The effect of fulvic acid on the adsorption of trivalent neodymium onto goethite as a function of pH at 250ºC, 1 bar.
M.S. Geology (advisor: Wood)

Batt, Liselle (2006)
Late Mississippian Sequence and Carbon Isotope Stratigraphy, East-Central Idaho and Southwest Montana: Proxies for Gondwana Glacio-Eustasy.
Ph.D. Geology (advisor: Isaacson)

Boersma, Nathan (2006)
Surface Monocline Development above Normal Faults in Basalt: Numerical Models and Observations from Southwest Iceland.
M.S. Geology (advisor: Kattenhorn)

Flores, Gilberto (2006)
Microbial Oxidation of Inorganic Arsenic in Geothermal Waters of the Alvord Basin, Oregon: Field and Laboratory Investigations.
M.S. Environmental Science (advisor: Childers)

Groenleer, Julie (2006)
Analysis of Cycloid Growth Models for Jupiter’s Moon, Europa: Implications from Developmental History and Mathematical Modeling.
M.S. Geology (advisor: Kattenhorn)

Holom, Derek (2006)
Ground Water Flow Conditions Related to the Pre-Basalt Basement Geometry Delineated by Gravity Measurements near Kamiah Butte, Eastern Washington.
M.S. Hydrology (advisor: Osiensky)

Latham, Joanna (2006)
Leucogranites of the Payer Land Detachment: A petrographic, structural, and geochronologic reconnaissance.
M.S. Geology (advisor: McClelland)

Mayhew, Lisa (2006)
Microbial Community Comparisons as a Function of the Physical and Geochemical Conditions of Galapagos Island Fumaroles.
M.S. Geology (advisor: Geist)

Oswald, Peter (2006)
Eocene Volcanic Rocks of the Southern Talkeetna Mountains, Alaska: Anomalous Forearc Volcanism in an Extensional Setting.
M.S. Geology (advisor: Geist)

Rhode, Katherine (2006)
Numerical Evaluation of Volumetric Weighted Mean Transmissivity Estimates in Laterally Heterogeneous Aquifers.
M.S. Hydrology (advisor: Osiensky)

Zakrajsek, John (2006)
Identifying Systematic Behaviors in Borax Lake Geothermal Springs, Southeast Oregon.
M.S. Hydrology (advisor: Fairley)


Dallas, Kathryn (2005)
Hydrologic study of the Deer Gulch Basalt in Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument, Idaho.
M.S. Hydrology (advisor: Osiensky)

Diefenbach, Bridget (2005)
Volcanic Construction of the Galapagos Platform: Evidence from Morphology and Geochemistry of Large Submarine Terraces.
M.S. Geology (advisor: Geist)

Elias, Elizabeth (2005)
Structural Control of Late Miocene-Pliocene Volcanic Deposition in the Silver Peak Extensional Complex, W-Central Great Basin.
M.S. Geology (advisor: Oldow)

Ellis, Joshua (2005)
LA-ICP-MS and SHRIMP-RG Detrital Zircon Geochronology from within the Cuyania Suture Zone of Western Argentina.
M.S. Geology (advisor: McClelland)

Fernandes, Leslie (2005)
The Magmatic Influence on Temporal Strain Partitioning at an Oblique Spreading Center, Southwest Iceland.
M.S. Geology (advisor: Kattenhorn)

Gilmore, Anna (2005)
Conodont Biostratigraphy of the Arco Hills Type Section (Upper Mississippian) Lost River Range, East-Central Idaho.
M.S. Geology (advisor: Isaacson)

Hallett, Benjamin (2005)
U-PB Shrimp Zircon and Titanite Age Constraints on Deformation Associated with the Storstrommen Shear Zone, Greenland.
M.S. Geology (advisor: McClelland)

Klinger, Melissa (2005)
Structural Characteristics and U-Pb Geochronological Constraints of the Pine Nut Fault, Wassuk Range, West-Central Nevada.
M.S. Geology (advisor: Oldow)

Nimmer, Robin (2005)
Electrical Characterization of a Three-Phase, Tracer, Injection Test.
Ph.D. Geology (advisor: Osiensky)

Singleton, Eron (2005)
Late Pleistocene to Holocene Deformation Rates in the Alvord Extensional Basin, Southeastern Oregon.
M.S. Geology (advisor: Oldow)

Vetter, Justin (2005)
Evaluating Displacements along Europan Ridges.
M.S. Geology (advisor: Kattenhorn)


Anderson, Samuel (2004)
Structual Controls on Vein Formation and Characterization of Gold Mineralization at La Camorra Venezuela.
M.S. Geology (advisor: McClelland)

Billings, Sandra (2004)
Analysis of the Ice Shell of Jupiter’s Moon Europa: Estimation of Ice Thickness and an Examination of Impact Effects.
M.S. Geophysics (advisor: Kattenhorn)

Douglas, Alyssa (2004)
Radiocarbon Dating as a Tool for Hydrogeological Investigations in the Palouse Basin.
M.S. Hydrology (advisor: Osiensky)

Heffner, James (2004)
Using Surface Characteristics to Infer the Permeability Structure of an Active Fault Zone.
M.S. Hydrology (advisor: Fairley)

Lyons, John (2004)
Petrogenesis of Ultramafic and Mafic Xenoliths, Floreana Island, Galapagos Archipelago: Implications for Lithospheric Evolution.
M.S. Geology (advisor: Geist)

Marshall, Scott (2004)
Growth Mechanics and Morphologic Evolution of Cycloids on Europa.
M.S. Geology (advisor: Kattenhorn)

Payne, Jonathan (2004)
Kinematic and Geochronologic Constraints for Truncation of the Salmon River Suture Zone.
M.S. Geology (advisor: McClelland)

Poulsen, Mitchel (2004)
Field Evaluation of an Exfiltrometer Coupled with the Hydrus 1-D Model for Estimation of Unsaturated Flow Properties.
M.S. Hydrology (advisor: Johnson)

Smith, Hugh (2004)
Structural Controls on Mineralization of the Coeur d’Alene District, Idaho.
M.S. Geology

Williams, Adele (2004)
Chronology of Syrtis Major Quadrangle on Mars.
Ph.D. Geology (advisor: Sprenke)


Butts, Susan (2003)
Taxonomy, Taphonomy, and Paleoecology of the Arco Hills Formation (Chesterian), East-Central Idaho.
Ph.D. Geology (advisor: Isaacson)

Cetiner, Ziya (2003)
Experimental Investigation of the Solubility of the REE Phosphate Minerals Monazite/Xenotime and Chloride Complexation.
Ph.D. Geology (advisor: Wood)

Goddard, Charlotte (2003)
Relationship of Geology to Species Richness within the Islands and Islets of the Galapagos Archipelago, Ecuador.
M.S. Geology (advisor: Geist)

Grader, George (2003)
Carbonate-Siliciclastic Sequences of the Pennsylvanian and Permian Copacabana Formation, Titicaca Group, Andes of Bolivia.
Ph.D. Geology (advisor: Isaacson)

Gustafson, Jennifer (2003)
Selenium Geochemistry in the Ore, Mill, and Tailings Pond at the Red Dog Mine, Western Brooks Range, Alaska.
M.S. Geology (advisor: McClelland)

Hedfield, Ellen (2003)
Insight into the Magmatic Evolution of Fernandina Volcano, Galapagos, from Olivine-and Plagioclase-Hosted Melt Inclusions.
M.S. Geology (advisor: Geist)

Hopster, Diane (2003)
A Recession Analysis of Springs and Streams in the Moscow-Pullman Basin.
M.S. Hydrology (advisor: Osiensky)

Jones, Thomas (2003)
Kinematic Compatibility, Displacement Transfer, and Basement Control of Post Miocene Structures in the Blue Mountains Province.
M.S. Geology (advisor: Oldow)

Nelson, Bethany (2003)
Rare Earth Element Geochemistry as a Tool for Hydrogeochemical Investigations in Natural Systems.
M.S. Hydrology (advisor: Osiensky)

Nemitz, Michael (2003)
Structure within the Lower-Plate and Stratigraphy of the Rodeo Creek Unit at the Gold Quarry Deposit, Eureka County, Nevada.
M.S. Geology (advisor: McClelland)

Owsley, Dennis (2003)
Characterization of Grande Ronde Aquifers in the Palouse Basin Using Large Scale Aquifer Tests.
M.S. Hydrology (advisor: Osiensky)


Bandli, Bryan (2002)
Characterization of Amphibole and Amphibole-Asbestos from the Former Vermiculite Mine at Libby, Montana.
M.S. Geology (advisor: Gunter)

Grant, James V. (2002)
Normal Fault Evolution at an Extensional Plate Boundary, Southwest Iceland: A Field and Numerical Modeling Investigation.
M.S. Geology (advisor: Kattenhorn)

Knudsen, Andrew (2002)
A mineralogical investigation of the Permain Phosphoria Formation, southeastern Idaho: Characterization, environmental concerns, and weathering.
Ph.D. Geology (advisor: Gunter)

Lewis, David (2002)
Kinematic Constraints on Coeval Extention and Contraction in the Southern Apennines (Italy) from GPS Geodesy.
Ph.D. Geology (advisor: Oldow)

Schaefer, Conrad J. (2002)
Field Characterization and Thermal-Mechanical Analysis of Fracture Distributions in Basalt Lava Flows, ESRP, Idaho.
M.S. Geology (advisor: Kattenhorn)

Teasdale, Eddy (2002)
Hydrogeologic Sub-basins in the Palouse Area of Idaho and Washington.
M.S. Hydrology (advisor: Osiensky)