Bear Lake in southeastern Idaho

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About 30% of the fresh water on earth is groundwater. All the rivers and lakes combined account for less than 1%. The rest is tied up in icecaps and glaciers mainly in Greenland and Antarctica.

Twin Falls, Idaho

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Hydrology Program

Study Applied Hydrology, Hydrogeology, and Groundwater Resources at the University of Idaho!

The University of Idaho Hydrology Program is a relatively small, active program with four primary faculty members and a large supporting water faculty within the university. Our Hydrology Faculty members have diverse research interests and experience in a broad range of research areas including in groundwater interaction with streams and lakes, water resources and hydrologic science.

Geological Sciences Hydrology Faculty

Jerry Fairley
Jerry Fairley 

Jeff Langman
Jeff Langman

Tom Wood
Tom Wood

Leslie Baker
Leslie Baker

Our faculty work in close cooperation with other water related and engineering, interdisciplinary degree programs such as Environmental Science and Water Resources. Recent research areas include geologic carbon sequestration, enhanced geothermal systems, water flow along fault zones, water rights, hydrogeophysics, groundwater modeling, reservoir characterization, and groundwater resource evaluation.

Degrees offered:

  • M.S. in Hydrology (Hydrogeology)
  • Ph.D in Geology (Hydrogeology)
  • B.S. in Geology with Hydrogeology Option

UI hydrology montage

Idaho in water droplet

Idaho Water Trivia

The State of Idaho has more than 2000 lakes, 93,000 miles of rivers and mountain streams, and 232 commercial hot springs!

groundwater field methods lab

A Proud Tradition of Excellence!

Established in 1965, the University of Idaho Hydrology Program has a rich history in applied hydrology & hydrogeology research and graduate education. 

UI Groundwater Field Laboratory

A Great Place to Learn!

UI's M.S. Hydrology Program is all about individual hands-on, applied research and training to help solve real-world problems in groundwater resources and the environment in preparation for national and international job markets.

Our graduates are employed throughout the United States and internationally.