GIS Certificate Procedures

Declaring a GIS Academic Certificate

Students need to first declare the certificate on their record.

  1. Current degree-seeking students (undergraduate and graduate) simply fill out the graduate side of a Change of Curriculum form, obtain the proper signatures, and return to the Registrar’s Office for processing.
  2. Students new to the University of Idaho or who previously were non-degree seeking applying to only the GIS Academic Certificate will fill out the Undergraduate Application to the university. Choose General Studies since Academic Certificate is not a program choice. Applicants can email or call Undergraduate Admissions to notify them they are interested in applying for the GIS Certificate only. All undergraduate policies and deadlines apply, plus Financial Aid is not available to students pursuing only an Academic Certificate.

Filling out application of completion

  1. Log into VandalWeb
  2. Select Student Information/Registration Menu
  3. Select Apply for Degree
  4. Fill out the form, selecting Academic Certificate for the degree
  5. Print the form at the end and take the form to your Academic Certificate advisor for signature
  6. Obtain the College Dean’s signature (of the college offering the Academic Certificate)
  7. Return the signed form to the Office of the Registrar
  8. Certificate will be mailed approximately six weeks after the end of the semester