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Department of Chemistry
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Our faculty conduct collaborative research in partnership with colleges and universities within the United States and abroad.

Peter Allen
Peter B. Allen, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Renfrew 116 | (512)364-7552
Research: Theory and application of designed DNA-DNA interactions for engineering self assembly and fluorescence based biosensors
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Dr. Thomas E. Bitterwolf
Thomas E. Bitterwolf, Ph.D.
Renfrew 319 | 885-6361
Research: The synthesis and chemistry of homo and hetero-bimetallic compounds; synthesis and chemistry of Group V cyclopentadienyl metal carbonyl compounds; photochemistry of organometallic compounds.
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Dr. Eric  Brauns
Eric B. Brauns, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Renfrew 02 | 885-4349
Research: Using time resolved spectroscopy to study biomolecular structure and dynamics.
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Dr. I. Francis Cheng
I. Francis Cheng, Ph.D.
Renfrew 26 | 885-6387
Research: Electrochemical remediation of halocarbons; antioxidant action.
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Daniel Edwards
W. Daniel Edwards, Ph.D.
Faculty Emeritus
Research: Fundamental theory of computational quantum mechanics; electronic excited state properties; excited state gradients; transition metal spectroscopy; metal-porphyrin complexes; object-oriented programming methods; virtual physical chemistry labs.
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Dr. T. Rick Fletcher
T. Rick Fletcher, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Renfrew 04 | 885-6021
Research: Laser-based experiments in gas phase reaction dynamics and micro-and nanoscale spectroscopy, Stimulated Raman excitation to promote mode specific chemical reactions, Atmospheric chemistry, Micro- and nano- non-linear and fluorescence spectroscopy, Gas phase mechanistic organic chemistry
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Hrdlicka-Promo Photo
Patrick J. Hrdlicka, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Renfrew 313W | 885-0108
Research: DNA biotechnology, nucleic acid based therapeutics/diagnostics, biological applications of nanomaterials, synthetic bioorganic chemistry including carbohydrates, nucleosides and oligonucleotides.
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Dr. Sharon J. Hutchison
Sharon G. Hutchison, Ph.D.
Faculty Emeritus
Research: General Chemistry, Chemical Education and Physical Chemistry
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Dr. Jakob Magolan
Jakob Magolan, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Renfrew | 885-4023
Research: New synthetic methods for efficient access to highly substituted heterocyclic systems. New microwave-assisted cycloaddition and heteroannulation methods. Synthesis of unique heteroaromatic compounds for drug discovery research. Total synthesis and SAR of biologically relevant natural products.
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Dr. Jean'ne Shreeve
Jean'ne M. Shreeve, Ph.D.
University Distinguished Professor
Renfrew 205 | 885-6215
Research: Nucleophilic and electrophilic fluorinations and perfluoroalkylations; high energy compounds; biologically interesting compounds containing fluorine; hypervalent compounds of sulfur and phosphorus; fire extinguishants, ionic liquids; nucleophilic and electrophilic difluoroaminating reagents.
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Dr. Dan Stelck
Dan Stelck, Ph.D.
Senior Organic Instructor
Renfrew 305 | 885-2146
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Dinara Storfer, Ph.D.
Academic Faculty
Renfrew 303 | 885-7220
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Dr. Ray von Wandruszka
Ray von Wandruszka, Ph.D.
Department Chair & Professor
Renfrew 116,331 | 885-4672
Research: Chemistry of humic materials, surface active agents, especially non-ionic ones, and the clouding phenomena associated with these compounds.
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Dr. Chien M. Wai
Chien M. Wai, Ph.D.
Renfrew 101A | 885-6787
Research: Supercritical fluid extraction of metals and radioisotopes, Making metal films in supercritical fluids, Microemulsion templated synthesis of nanoparticles, Carbon nanotube-supported nanoparticle catalysts
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Kristopher Waynant
Kristopher Waynant, Ph.D.
Clinical Assistant Professor
Renfrew 201 | 885-6768
Research: Asymmetric synthesis of complex natural products and C-linked glycosides, new organometallic reagents for tandem reactions towards complex heterocycles, novel materials for the degradation of pesticides.
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Dr. Richard V. Williams
Richard V. Williams, Ph.D.
Renfrew 313E | 885-6775
Research: Synthetic, experimental and theoretical studies on molecules of fundamental importance such as novel aromatics, highly strained systems, pyramidal olefins, bridged polycycles and especially neutral homoaromatics based on the semibullvalene nucleus.
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