Safety Showers - Use and Testing

To use:

  • Pull the handle down to turn on.
  • Remove clothing if necessary.
    Note: Approximately 30 gallons per minute will flow until handle is pushed up. The showers do not have drains; if an assistant is available, he/she should mop the floor.
  • Push handle up to stop flow when finished.
  • If possible, the shower water should be retained for Environmental Health and Safety.
  • Report all accidents to the laboratory supervisor and the department chair.

To test:

  • The showers do not have drains; use a bucket and funnel (which can be checked out from ChemStores) to avoid spilling water on the floor and yourself.
  • To activate the shower, pull the handle down. Let the water run for several seconds. Push the handle up to turn off the water.
  • Report problems to the Chemistry office.
  • Write the date and your initials on the tag.