Building/Location Description

The Department of Chemistry is housed in Renfrew Hall, 804 Rayburn Street, between the Library and Agricultural Science.

The nearest intersection is Rayburn and Idaho.

It is a four-story building with mechanical towers on both ends and an attached chiller plant; it has two stairwells (one on each end) and an elevator in the center.

There are three entrances, two with automatic ADA doors.

It is fully-sprinkled and has heat and smoke detectors and a halon fire suppression system in rooms 21 and 22 (solvent and ethanol rooms for ChemStores).

Alarm activators are located at both ends of all corridors, as well as in the ChemStores area, and the building is connected to the central monitoring station downtown. The alarm system has both strobe lights and a horn. Emergency lighting is installed in the stairwells, corridors, teaching laboratories, and basement laboratories.