Majors & Options

Our seven departments work seamlessly together to offer an interdisciplinary core curriculum featuring six undergraduate degrees and minors. Working closely with faculty, students and staff from top related programs, we also offer a number of interdisciplinary programs such as environmental science, neurological science, water resources or bioinformatics and computational biology. Learn more about our undergraduate degrees offered by using our Web site Degree Finder application.

Bachelor of Science & Bachelor of Arts in Biology
Gain a thorough understanding of natural history, anatomy, physiology, and of molecular, cellular, developmental, and quantitative biology
» B.S./B.A. Biology
Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
Prepare for a career in dealing with pressing issues such as food production, energy, medicine, environmental protection, national security and more
» B.S. Chemistry
Bachelor of Science in Geography
Gain a strong regional planning and development background and a thorough understanding of critical issues tied to climate change on both a local and global scale
» B.S. Geography
Bachelor of Science in Geology
Discover techniques and technologies for analyzing the composition of the Earth, rocks and water as well as methods for locating, preserving and protecting our natural resources such as groundwater, metals and petroleum.
» B.S. Geology
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
Develop problem-solving and sharp analytic skills required for a wide range of career opportunities in such fields as science, economics, engineering, business and education
» B.S. Mathematics
Bachelor of Science in Physics
Learn proper methods for conducting research and develop proven techniques for observing, measuring, interpreting and developing theories to explain physical phenomena using mathematics
» B.S. Physics