Undergraduate Studies

Whether your dream is to become a geologist who studies climate change or an evolutionary biologist who’s conducting important cancer research, it can all start with a solid educational foundation from the College of Science at the University of Idaho.

Why do our undergrad scientists love it here?

  1. While your first-year science courses may have anywhere from 50 to 100 students, as you progress in your program, your class sizes will shrink (to about 20 students), and your one-on-one interaction with faculty will increase substantially.
  2. Our advisers and faculty members are known across the state and region for going above and beyond to work with undergrads to make sure you’re staying on your academic track.
  3. Whether you need guidance in tackling those important decisions about course loads, identifying internship opportunities, or you’re looking to get involved in research activities happening on campus, our students tell us there’s no better place to study science than in the Northwest!