Student Researchers

Student sitting in the snow
Mercury Deposition in Cascade and Olympic Ranges
Katie Havens | Environmental Science Undergraduate
Determining the effects of densely urbanized areas on mercury concentrations of local aquatic systems.
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Cracked surface of Europa
Planetary Geology
Christina Coulter | Geological Sciences Graduate Student
Quantifying both lateral motion and associated components of contraction or dilation along Europa's ridges, to better determine their formation mechanisms.
Roxana Hickey
Early Research Detect Future Leader in Cancer and Genetics
Roxana Hickey | Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Undergraduate
Microbiology student takes DNA research to a new level... from culture-dependent to clinical sample.
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Student sitting on a rock in Antarctica
Antarctica Research Project
Samantha Buck | Geological Sciences Undergraduate
Understanding a phase of Antarctica’s tectonic history.
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