Research Highlights

Graduate students test water in Kenya
Changing the World Is a Real Education
University of Idaho engineering students are designing sustainable technologies to provide clean drinking water to the nomadic Maasai people of Kenya.
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The Sky's Not the Limit
University of Idaho Students Build a Ladder to Space
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Topograhical model
Art and Architecture Works in Washington, D.C.
High-level audiences in the nation’s capitol are taking in the creative work of University of Idaho art and architecture students.
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Engineering Students Fine-Tune Clean Snowmobiles
Students on the University of Idaho’s Clean Snowmobile team know how to fine-tune the knowledge they gain in a classroom to make a cleaner and quieter snowmobile.
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Randy Teal with graduate students
Sustaining Authenticity
A group of senior architecture students immersed themselves in San Francisco neighborhoods and created a sustainable architectural solution.
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