Five IGEM Grants Awarded to University of Idaho Projects.

The Idaho Department of Commerce IGEM (Idaho Global Entrepreneurial Mission) Council announced the awarding of IGEM grants to the University of Idaho, Idaho State University and Boise State University.
These grants are intended to support and grow the interactions between Idaho’s public universities and businesses and industries. Five awards were made to the following University of Idaho projects:

Microbial Induced Calcite Precipitation “Bio-Concrete,” to determine the commercial viability of using an emerging green technology dubbed “bio-cement” to strengthen soils around existing structures. Business partners are Avista and URS. $114,864

Commercializing Aquatic Animal Health Products, aimed at reducing fish loss in aquaculture facilities through vaccine and feed additives. Business partner is Aquatic Life Sciences, Inc. $124,021

Pesticide Application Technology, to develop new spraying system to increase efficiency of pesticide applications. Business partner is GenZ Technology. $46,146

High Speed Digital Package Measurement and Modeling for Next Generation Memory Modules, to enable rapid development of high speed memory products and packages. Business partner is Micron Technology, Inc. $150,000

Determine Viability of Automated Quantitative Detection of E. coli 0157:H7 at a Beef Processing Facility, to rapidly screen for bacteria and use unique software to recognize and confirm bacterial colony growth. Business partners are Agri Beef and IntelliScience Corp. $78,076

The IGEM Council is planning to release the next RFP for the grant program in mid-September. If you think you might be interested in submitting a proposal to this program, we encourage you to begin working with our Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) soon. OTT oversees our participation in the IGEM program. A copy of the last RFP is available for download so that you can see what is required. There may be minor changes in the next RFP, but the program intent and proposal requirements should not change significantly. Our requirement is that you have one or more business partners participating in the project. The proposal is stronger if they are active participants in the project and will be providing cash or in-kind support to make the project successful.
What is the potential success rate? Eighteen proposals were submitted by the three public universities and seven awards were made. A good proposal has a good chance of being funded. Please contact OTT (885-4550) soon to start evaluating whether to prepare a submission and begin preparations.

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