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Plants Are Cool, Too! Episode 2 : Fossilized Forests!
The PACT crew travels to Clarkia, Idaho to unearth preserved leaves of a forest that last stood 15 million years ago. But what they also found was a group of botanists attempting to extract the oldest DNA samples ever recovered. Hosted by Dr. Chris Martine of Bucknell University, with guest experts Drs. Bill Rember and Dave Tank of the University of Idaho. Major funding provided by the David Burpee Endowment at Bucknell, with additional support from the University of Idaho and the Botanical Society of America.
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Hagerman Research Facility on KTVB News
Hagerman research facility attracting scientists from across the world.
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Theophilus Tower Lights
A team of computer science students at the University of Idaho turned the Theophilus tower into a color display using LED lights and some custom hardware and software
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