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Research at the University of Idaho takes undergraduate and graduate students, staff and faculty all around the world in the pursuit of knowledge. Whether examining photos taken by a NASA satellite of an exotic moon hundreds of millions of miles away or studying a volcano in the Galapagos Islands during a rare eruption, interesting and fun science is only a classroom away. Take some time and explore some of the most unique and inspiring research projects underway at the University of Idaho today.
A Triangle of Collaboration: Core Lab Increases Efficiency
Idaho’s core lab is not only at the forefront of collaboration, but it is providing a better research experience for all involved.
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What was killing the children?
In Nigeria, a dedicated team of University of Idaho researchers works to solve a mystery claiming hundreds of lives.
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Chasing a Virus Through Mathematical Models
Viruses mutate often and because their life spans are on the order of minutes or hours, a tremendous amount of change can occur in a short amount of time.
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Arctic Adventurer Studies Changing Atmosphere
Understanding how climate change is affecting the ice sheet.
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Painting a Different Picture
Stripes on Mars Research Gains Momentum
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Uncorking The Past
Bottle Analysis Shakes Up Chemistry and Anthropology
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Many Hands Make Light Work
Robotic Therapy to Help Stroke Patients
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Exploring the Red Desert Planet
Creating a visualization of nuclear-powered “hopper” technology to research the geological landscape of Mars.
» Virtually Discovering Mars
Anechoic Chamber
Chamber of Secrets
Anechoic chamber helps research hi-tech antennas
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Trout + Trout = Salmon?
Attempting to use rainbow trout as surrogate parents to increase the sockeye salmon population in Redfish Lake.
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Laurel Branen
Combating Childhood Obesity
Grant will help parents and childcare operators better address issues of childhood obesity
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Zaid Abdo
Building Core Power
Zaid Abdo, assistant professor of mathematics, statistics and bioinformatics
» 5,600 trials and counting