2005-2007 Reports & Publications

IWRRI Reference Number
 200501  Daren T Nelson, Allan Wylie, Gary S Johnson, Donna M Cosgrove
 Hydrologic Interpretation of Temporal Variation in Springs and Wells in the Thousand Springs Area, Idaho
200510 D Cosgrove, B. Contor, N. Rinehart, G. Johnson, IWRRI and A. Wylie, K. Boggs, IDWR
Canyon County Report
200520 Cosgrove, D., B. Contor, N. Rinehart, & G. Johnson, IWRRI; A. Wylie & K. Boggs, IDWR Snake River Plain Aquifer Model Scenario Update:  Hydrologic Effects of Continued 1980-2002 Water Supply and Use Conditions Using Snake River Plain Aquifer Model Version 1.1--"Base Case Scenario", December 2005.
2006 Tracy, John C,; Unger, K.
Development of an Integrated Land and Water Use Planning Tool for the Carson River Watershed: Phase I Development of a Planning Platform and Water Resources Assessment. Draft Final Report for the US Bureau of Land Management, Carson City Office.
Cosgrove, D.M.; Taylor, J
Preliminary Assessment of Hydrology and Water Quality in Gound Water Canyon, County, Idaho.
200702 Contor, B.A.
Hydrologic Impacts of Current Water-use Practices and Current Hydrologic Conditions - "Current Practices" Scenario" 
200703 Cosgrove, Donna M., Taylor, Joanna Preliminary Assessment of Hydrologeology of Water Quality in Ground Water in Teton County, Idaho.