1985-1989 Reports & Publications

 IWRRI Ref #
 Author   Title
Bennett, David H.; McAruthur, Thomas J. 
 Assessing Habitat Suitability for Walleye (Stizosteion Vitreum) and Possible Species Interaction with Salmonid Fishes
 198505  Johnson, Gary S.; Brockway, Charles E.; Coiner, Ann
 Evaluation of Methods for Estimation of Aquifer Recharge from Precipitation on Semi-Arid Lands
 198507 Johnson, Gary S.; Brockway, Charles E.; Luttrell, S.P.  Ground-Water Model Calibration for the Henry's Fork Recharge Area
 198508  Kann, Jacob; Falter, Michael C.;  Blue-Green Algae Toxicity in Black Lake, Kootenai County, Idaho
Molnau, Myron; Kessler, Charles
Analysis of Sedimentation and Water Quality of Kidd Island Bay, Lake Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 
 198512  Wai, C.M.; Mok, W.M.  Arsenic Speciation and Water Pollution Associated with Mining in the Coeur d'Alene Mining District, Idaho
 198601  Stream Ecology Center
 Backcountry Water Giardia and Other Potential Health Hazards
 198602  Deick, Jan F.; Ralston, Dale R
 Ground Water Resources in a Portion of Payette County, Idaho
 198604  Whittlesey, Norman; Hamilton, Joel; Haverson, Philip
 Economic Study of the Potential for Water Markets in Idaho
 198609 Savage, Nancy L  Topical Review of Environmental Studies in the Coeur d'Alene River-Lake System
 198611  Wai, C.M..; Mok, W.M.
 Chemical Speciation Approach to Evaluate Water Quality Problems in the Blackbird Mining Area, Idaho
 198704 Falter, C.M.; Hallock, D.  Limnological Study and Management Plan for Upper and Lower Twin Lakes Kootenai County, Idaho
 198706 Hallock, D.; Falter, C.M.  Powerboat Engine Discharges as a Nutrient Source in High-Use Lakes
 198709  Kpordze, C.S. Kojo
 New Methodology for Selection of Hydraulic Turbines
 198802   Brockway, C.E., Robison, Clarence Wm. Water Resources Data and Management Model for Beaver Creek, Camas creek and Mud Lake Area of Eastern Idaho
 198804  Carleson, T.E.
 Investigation of Novel Adsorptive Separation Methods for the Removal of Trace Heavy Metals from Polluted Areas
 198901  Bennett, David H.
Use of the Index of Biotic Integrity of Assess the Impact of Land Management Activities on Low Order Streams in Northern Idaho 
 198906  Wai, C.M.; Mok, W.M.
 Distribution and Mobilization of Arsenic and Antimony Species in the Coeur d'Alene River System