1980-1984 Reports & Publications

 IWRRI Ref #
 Author   Title
 198001  Brooks, Robert O.
 Post Audit Evaluation of Methodology for Wild and Scenic River Development and Management the Clearwater River, Idaho: A Case Study
 198002  Cannon, Michael Ray
 Conceptual Models of Interactions of Mining and Water Resource Systems in the Southeastern Idaho Phosphate Field
 198003  Cline  Preliminary Assessment of Cloud Seeding Downwind Effects on Idaho
 198004  Cline  Seasonal Water Supply Forecasting for Areas Having Seasonal Snowcover
 198005  Cohen, Philip Leon; Ralston, Dale
 Reconnaissance Study of the ""Russell"" Basalt Aquifer in the Lewiston Basin of Idaho and Washington
 198006  Corbet, Thomas F.
 Interactions between Open Mining and Groundwater Flow Systems at the East Area of the Gay Mine, Idaho
 198007  Gladwell, John Stuart
 Small Hydro, some practical planning and design considerations
 198012  Hofmann, Catherine A.; Wegman, Jerry; Damanpour, Faramarz  Legal, Financial, and Economic Analysis of a Water Supply Bank in Idaho
 198013  Khanjani, Mohammad Javad
 Methodology for Optimization of an Irrigation System with Storage Reservoirs
 198014  Prisbrey, et. Al
 Ion Exchange Recovery of Cobalt and Copper from Blackbird Mine Drainage
 198015  Ralston, Dale R.
Interactions of mining and water resource systems in the southeastern Idaho phosphate field; Research technical completion report, project C-7651
 198019  Winter, Gerry Vernon
 Groundwater Flow Systems in the Phospate Sequesnce Caribou County Idaho
 198022  Warnick, C.C.: Reynolds, Warren
 Five-Year Plan for Water Resources Research and Associated Technology Transfer Needs
 198107  Ralston, Dale R.
 Geothermal Evaluation of the Thrust Zone in Southeastern Idaho
 198202  Allen, R.G.; Brockway, C.E.
 Weather and Consumptive Use in the Bear River Basin, Idaho during 1982
 198211  Kpordze, C.S.K.; Warnick, C.C.
 Experience Curves for Feasibility Studies and Planning of Modern Low-Head hydro Turbines
 198213  Ralston, Dale R.; duPont, Suzie
 Preliminary Assessment of Ground Water Management Alternatives for Idaho
 198305  Luttrell, S.P.; Brockway, C.E.
 Impacts fo Individual On-Site Sewage Disposal facilities on Mountain Valleys-Phase1
 198314  Kpordze, C.S.K.; Warnick, C.C.
 Experience Curves for Modern Low-Head Hydroelectric Turbines
 198318  Ralston, Dale R.
 Thermal Ground Water Flow Systems in the Trust Zone in Southeastern Idaho
 198320  Skille, J.M.; Falter, C.M.
 Fate, Distribution and Liminological Effects of Volcanic Tephra in the St. Joe and Coeur d'Alene River Deltas of Lake Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
 198321  Warnick, C.C.
Manual for Developing Small-Scale and Micro-Hydropower Plants in Idaho a Guide to Permits, Licenses, and Incentives 
 198322  Warnick, C.C.
 Requirements for Developing Small-Scale Hydropower in Idaho
 198401  Allen, R.G.; Brockway, C.E.
 Optimizing Irrigation System Design-Summary Report
 198405  Brusven, M.A.; Hornig, C.E.
 Effects of Suspended Sediments on Stream Invertebrate Detrital Processing and Bioenergetics
 198408  Luttrell, S.P.; Brockway, C.E.
 Impacts of Individual On-Site Sewage Disposal Facilities on Mountain Valleys--Phase II--Water-Quality Considerations
 M1984SFA  IDWR  Swan Falls Agreement, October 25, 1984 (not an IWRRI document)