Affiliated U-Idaho Faculty

Geography professor John Abatzoglou
John Abatzoglou, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Dr. John Abatzoglou conducts research on a multitude of weather and climate phenomena, and is particularly interested in the role they have on wildfire, water resources, and ecosystems of the western United States.
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Vladimir Munich 2013
Vladimir Aizen, Ph.D.
Research Professor
Research Interests: Alpine Glaciology, Alpine Hydrology, Alpine Climatology
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Richard Allen
Richard Allen, Ph.D.

(208) 423-6601 |
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Jan Boll, Ph.D.
Director of Environmental Science, Water Resources, and Professional Science Masters Programs

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Erik Coats
Erik R. Coats, Ph.D., P.E.
Associate Professor
Current Research and Activities: Advancement of a sustainable microbial wastewater treatment process for the removal of phosphorus, Synthesis of biological, biodegradable thermoplastics coupled with wastewater treatment, and Removal and fate of zinc in compost bioreactors treating mine drainage
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Barbara Cosens Photo
Barbara Cosens
Professor of Law
Campus: Moscow
Courses Taught: Water Law I and II; Law, Science and the Environment; Water Law Practicum; Interdisciplinary Methods in Water Resources
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Dakins promo
Maxine Dakins, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Environmental statistics; Environmental decision analysis; Probabilistic risk analysis; Bayesian analysis; Natural resource policy and law; Public participation; Pollution prevention
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Angelique EagleWoman
Angelique Townsend EagleWoman
Professor of Law
Courses Taught: Civil Procedure, Native American Law, Native Natural Resources Law, Tribal Nation Economics Law
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Jim Ekins
Area Water Educator UI Extension, Northern District
Levan Elbakidze
Levan Elbakidze
Associate Professor

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Jerry Fairley
Jerry Fairley, Ph.D.
Professor - Hydrogeology
Research Interests: Multiphase flow and transport in heterogeneous porous media; Faults and fluid flow; Geothermal systems/EGS
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Fritz Fiedler
Fritz Fiedler, Ph.D., P.E.
Associate Professor
Research interests: Measurements and modeling of hydrologic and environmental systems.
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Geography professor Tim Frazier
Tim G. Frazier, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Dr. Frazier's research involves climate change, hazards, and urban sustainability. Raised in a region exposed to several types of geophysical hazards, Dr. Frazier's expertise is coupled with first-hand experience and personal interest.
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Rodney Frey
Rodney Frey, Ph.D.
Director of General Education, Professor of Ethnography
Rodney Frey is a Professor of Ethnography. Over the last 38 years he has been associated with and conducting various applied, collaborative projects with the Apsáalooke (Crow) of Montana, the Schitsu’umsh (Coeur d'Alene) and Nimíipuu (Nez Perce) of Idaho, and the Confederated Warm Springs Tribes of Oregon.
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Paul Gessler 116
Paul Gessler
Professor; Co-Director, Geospatial Laboratory for Environmental Dynamics
Research Interests: Remote sensing & GIS for forest ecosystem analysis & monitoring; Wildland fire fuels and fire hazard mapping; Airborne sensor development; Environmental, Ecosystem and Soil-Landscape Modeling; Terrain and Watershed Analysis; Forest Soils; Spatial Statistics
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Dale Goble
Dale D. Goble
University Distinguished Professor and Margaret Wilson Schimke Distinguished Professor of Law
Campus: Moscow
Courses taught: Legal History, Natural Resources Law, Natural Resources Seminar, Publics Land Law, Torts
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Peter Goodwin, Ph.D.
DeVlieg Presidential Professor in Ecohydraulics and Professor of Civil Engineering
Peter Goodwin is recognized internationally for his research, with particular contributions in the field of sedimentation and the impact of river management on ecosystems.
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Robert Heinse
Robert Heinse
Assistant Professor

(208) 5208 |
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Thomas Hess, Ph.D.

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Higgins, Lorie
Lorie Higgins
Extension Specialist, Associate Professor

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karen humes
Karen Humes, Ph.D.
Department Chair and Professor
Research Interests: Applications of remote sensing and GIS in hydrology, environmental science, and planning for renewable energy.
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Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor - Hydrogeology
Research Interests: Surface and ground water interaction; Regional modeling of ground water and surface water; Water and energy interactions
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Jodi Johnson-Maynard
Jodi Johnson-Maynard
Soil and Land Resources Division Chair and Professor

(208) 885-9245 |
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Brian Kennedy
Brian Kennedy
Associate Professor
Fish Ecology, Bioenergetics and Community Ecology of Streams, Ecosystem Controls on Aquatic Processes, Biogeochemical Tracers in Aquatic Systems
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Marla Kraut
Marla Kraut, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Department Head of Accounting
Ph.D. 1991 University of Arizona
Research interests: Auditing, Financial Accounting for Not-for-Profit Organizations
Office: ALB125 | Phone: (208) 885-7116 |Email:
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John Lawrence
John Lawrence, Ph.D.
Professor of Business
Ph.D. 1993 Penn State University
Areas of Expertise:quality management, business/environmental sustainability, and case research methods.
Office: ALB215 | Phone: (208) 885-5821 | Email:
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Tim Link adjusts experiment material
Timothy E. Link
Professor of Hydrology with UI Since 2001
Research Interests: Forest hydrology; Snow hydrology; Vegetation atmosphere interactions;* Hydrologic Modeling
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Jim Liou
Jim (Chyr Pyng) Liou, Ph.D., P.E., Fulbright Scholar
Professor, Hydraulics
Research Interests: Fluid Transients, Pipeline Monitoring, Pipeline Safety, Transport in Vadose Zones and Percolation Theory, Water Quality Modeling in Distribution Networks
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Jerrold Long
Jerrold A. Long
Professor of Law
Campus: Moscow
Courses taught: Environmental Law I and II, Land-Use Planning, Property
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Robert Mahler
Robert Mahler
Associate Director of Environmental Science Program and Professor

(208) 885-7025 |
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Paul McDaniel
Paul McDaniel
Department Head and Professor

(208) 885-7012 |
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Christine Moffitt
Christine Moffitt
Professor; Assistant Unit Leader, Idaho Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit
Host-Parasite Interactions; Physiological Responses of Fish Populations to Increasing Water Temperatures; Specialty areas of interest: Disease Interactions of Cultured and Wild Fish, Invasive Species Biology and Management, Biology, Health and Management of Anadromous Fish in Hatcheries and in the Wild, Aquaculture Chemical Efficacy & Approval, Fisheries History
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Matt Morra
Matthew Morra

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Neibling, Howard
Howard Neibling
Associate Professor

(208) 736-3600 |
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jay o'laughlin faculty profile image
Jay O'Laughlin, Ph.D., Professor
Policy Analysis Group, Director;Professor of Forestry and Policy Sciences
Specialty Areas of Interest: Natural Resources Policy Analysis; Natural Resources Economics
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Jim Osiensky
James Osiensky, Ph.D.
Professor - Groundwater Hydrology
Research Interests: Contaminant hydrogeology; Hydrogeologic site characterization; Hydrogeophysical applications in hydrogeology; Groundwater resource evaluation
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Russell Quals
Russell Qualls, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

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Jae Hyeon Ryu, Ph.D., P.E.
Assistant Professor

(208) 332-4402 |
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Richard Seamon
Richard Seamon
Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Professor of Law
Campus: Moscow
Courses taught: Administrative Law, Procedure II, Federal Courts
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Fish and Wildlife Professor Dennis Scarnecchia
Dennis Scarnecchia
Paddlefish and Sturgeon Biology, Ecology, Stock Assessment and Management, Fish Population Dynamics and Stock Assessment, Salmon, Trout and Charr Ecology and Management, Large River Ecology & Fisheries, Fisheries Management
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Robert Smith
Robert W. Smith, Ph.D.

(208) 282-7954 |
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Adam Soward
Adam Sowards, Ph.D.
Associate Professor; Director, Institute for Pacific Northwest Studies
Adam M. Sowards is an environmental historian who focuses on North America, especially the West, and is affiliate faculty with Environmental Science, Water Resources and American Studies.
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Eva Strand, U-Idaho CNR Assistant Professor
Eva Strand
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Spatial ecology; Applied Landscape Ecology; GIS applications in natural resources
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Dan Strawn
Daniel Strawn

(208) 885-2713 |
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Garth Taylor
Garth Taylor
Regional Economist, Associate Professor

(208)-885-7533 |
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Anastasia Telesetsky
Anastasia Telesetsky
Associate Professor of Law
Campus: Moscow
Courses Taught: Public International Law; Conflicts of Law; International Environmental Law; International Trade and Investment Law;View
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Daniele Tonina
Daniele Tonina, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
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Dr. John C. Tracy
IWRRI Director
322 E. Front Street, Suite 242
Unversity of Idaho
Boise, ID 83702
Phone:(208) 332-4422
Philip Watson
Philip Watson
Associate Professor

(208) 885-6934 |
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Frank Wilhelm
Frank Wilhelm
Associate Professor
Limnology, Lake restoration and management, Ecology of aquatic macroinvertebrates, Influence of temperature on life history and reproductive strategies, Predator-prey relationships (invert.-invert., fish-invert.), Nutrient cycling through benthic-pelagic coupling
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Barbara Williams
Barbara C. Williams, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

(208) 885-9436 |
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Conservation Social Sciences associate professor Patrick Wilson
Patrick Wilson
Associate Professor; Interim Department Head
Patrick Wilson's research interests include natural resource policy and politics, and comparative public policy; politics of species conservation, tribal government management of natural resources, and water policy and politics.
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J.D Wulfhorst
J.D. Wulfhorst

(208) 230-7333 |
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Elowyn Yager
Elowyn Yager, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Dr. Yager's research interests focus on gaining a mechanistic understanding of the interactions between flow turbulence, sediment transport and river morphology.
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