Idaho Water Resources Research Institute

The Idaho Water Resources Research Institute was established in 1963 by the University of Idaho Board of Regents. We support and direct water research for the State of Idaho and the region.

Our research results routinely lead to cutting-edge discoveries in such vital topics as water quality, water supply and water management. More importantly, these discoveries regularly lead to a greater understanding of our surroundings, offering sensible solutions toward maintaining a healthy balance between the economy and the environment.

IWRRI is administered by the University of Idaho, but works with faculty at all of Idaho's universities to develop inter-institutional research teams to help analyze and solve Idaho's pressing water resources problems

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IWRRI 50th Anniversary

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Economic Demand Irrigation Calculator

The Economic Demand Irrigation Calculator (the Tool) is a spreadsheet designed for economic practitioners who need to obtain an equation for aggregate demand for irrigation water under conditions of limited time and/or financial resources. More