2008-2009 Patent Applications

U.S. Patent Applications Serial Number 12/441,988 | Biodiesel/diesel blend level detection using absorbance.
Filed March18, 2009

Inventors: Dev Shrestha and Artur Zawadzki

Because of their physical property differences, biodiesel is often used as a blend of plant-based diesel with petroleum diesel. This technology is a rapid, low cost sensor for determining the actual blend level concentrations. Ensuring the proper blend level will reduce potential flow problems associated with low temperatures and fuel corrosivity.
U.S. Patent Application Serial Number 12/383389 | Method for universal biodetection of antigens and biomolecules.
Filed March 24, 2009

Inventor: Wusi C. Maki

A universal sensor for biological materials, whether pathogens or cancer markers. The method combines biological detection techniques with nano-electronics for a complete detection and reporting system.
U.S. Patent Applications Serial Number 12/513,524 | Catalysts and related methods.
Filed May 5, 2009

Inventors: David McIlroy and Grant Norton

This silica nanospring technology shows enhanced catalytic properties for certain industrial processes. This functionality is further enhanced by coating the nanosprings with metal nanoparticles and/or metal oxides.
U.S. Patent Application Serial Number 12/156509 | Vaccines for diseases of fish.
Filed June 2, 2008

Inventors: Kenneth D. Cain, Benjamin R. LaFrentz, and Scott LaPatra

This technology is a vaccine for immunizing fish against the coldwater disease, which is responsible for $10 million in losses to fish farms in Idaho alone.
U.S. Patent Applications Serial Number 11/961,928 | Apparatus with high surface area nanostructures for hydrogen storage and methods of storing hydrogen.
Filed December 20, 2007

Inventors: David McIlroy and Grant Norton

The nanospring technology, with its high surface area and unique electronic properties, makes it an ideal material for hydrogen storage applications.
U.S. Patent Applications Serial Number 12/159,543 | Hybrid structures for solar energy capture.
Filed June 20, 2008

Inventors: David McIlroy and Grant Norton

The nanospring technology has utility for increasing the efficiency of solar cells by capturing additional energy from the sun.
U.S. Patent Applications Serial Number 12/311,304 | Method for generating and using composite scene passcodes.
Filed March 23, 2009

Inventors: Steffen Werner, Korey Johnson and Sergio Caltagirone

This is a method for authenticating the identity of individuals attempting to assess personal or sensitive information or places. This technology will dramatically reduce the costs associated with lost passwords, estimated to be in the range of $25 – $50 for each instance.
U.S. Patent Applications Serial Number 12/411,306 | Advanced accessible pedestrian control system for the physically disabled.
Filed March 25, 2009

Inventors: Richard Wall and Gabriel DeRuwe

Hybrids and other quiet cars are posing a threat to blind people at intersection crossings simply because the visually impaired person has difficulty hearing these cars approaching. This technology puts the solution in the hands of the blind person. This hand-held device continually communicates with the intersection controller as it guides the individual across the street.
U.S. Patent Application Serial Number 12/022088 | Infant monitor.
Filed July 31, 2008

Inventors: Colby R. Austin, Chris E. Curtis, Jeff L. Otto, Jennifer L. Hasenoehrl, Bart Semmler,
Lloyd C. Daugherty, Laila Cornwall, and Richard B. Well

This technology is a system to reduce the incidence of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome by detecting and alerting the parents very quickly. It could also potentially be used to detect and alert others when an individual stops breathing.
U.S. Patent Application Serial Number 12/233353 | Method and apparatus for soil sampling.
Filed September 18, 2008

Inventor: Dev S. Shrestha

This automated harvester-mounted device obtains representative samples across a field as ground crops are harvested. It was designed after a small area in Idaho was found contaminated with potato cyst nematode. Diligence by the US in keeping potato crops nematode free will assure other countries that quarantine restrictions are not warranted.
U.S. Patent Applications Serial Number 12/424145 | Protein concentrate from starch containing grains: composition, method of making, and uses thereof.
Filed April 15, 2009

Inventors: Frederic T. Barrows, Clifford A. Bradley, Robert D. Kearns, Brian D. Wasicek, and Ronald W. Hardy

The aquaculture industry is struggling to find alternatives to fish meal harvested from the ocean. Plant products represent a sustainable source of protein, but the concentration of protein is too low in unprocessed seed. This technology uses an enzymatic process to produce a purified protein meal and soluble carbohydrates from barley.