Twiga Foundation

Innovator | Harriet Shaklee

Research shows that children build math and science skills from the earliest years of life and that play provides a natural learning lab for such development. Block play offers a rich opportunity for early math and science learning and the development of social, emotional, language, motor and cognitive skills.

BLOCK Fest is a block play game developed in 2005 by Harriet Shaklee of the family and consumer sciences department that helps parents support the development of pre-math and science skills through block play for children ages eight months to eight years. The game was licensed by the Twiga Foundation, Inc., located in Boise, Idaho, which will produce and distribute the block game.

BLOCK Fest has enjoyed great success offering its curriculum to programs and communities in Idaho for the last four years. Additionally, BLOCK Fest, trained educators in North Carolina, Texas, Indiana and Washington. In 2006, BLOCK Fest was awarded the Losos Prize for Excellence by Parents as Teachers National Center. Most recently, BLOCK Fest was awarded the 2009 Excellence in Extension Award at Annual Conference.

Thanks to the licensing agreement, BLOCK Fest will be able to fulfill the purpose of its creation; developing math and science skills in the workforce of the future.