Potato Variety Mgmt. Institute

Innovator | Jeff Stark 

You say potato, I say A84180-8.

It may seem like a weird connection, but that string of letters and digits represents a new variety of potato released in 2007 to the Potato Variety Management Institute courtesy of Jeff Stark of the Idaho Falls Research and Extension Center.

The potato is a product of the cooperative USDA/ARS, University of Idaho breeding program in Aberdeen. Originally created in 1984 via a cross between A7816-14 and Russet Norkotah, the potato has been evaluated for over 20 years, culminating in an exclusive license to grow being issued to Potandon Produce LLC, the largest marketer of fresh potatoes in North America.

A84180-8 is a late maturing, medium-Russet cultivar with good culinary quality and good potential for the fresh market. U.S. It has good resistance to internal and external defects and a high vitamin C content. The spud also is more resistant to common scab and Verticillium wilt than Russet Burbank, though it has similar susceptibility to foliar and tuber early blight. It also is less susceptible to soft rot and potato leaf roll virus than Russet Burbank.

Who knows? It soon may be coming to a McDonalds near you!