2008-2009 Patents Issued

U.S. Patent 7,543,212 | Low-density parity-check (LDPC) encoder
Issued June 2, 2009
Inventors: Lowell Miles and Sterling Whitaker  
Low density parity check codes are among the best ways for correcting transmission errors across a noisy communication channel. This technology is applied in a radiation tolerant device to enable reliable space to ground communications. Read More >>
U.S. Patent 7,489,538 | Radiation tolerant combinational logic cell
Issued February 10, 2009
Inventors: Gary R. Maki, Jody W. Gambles, and Sterling Whitaker  

Multiple logic nodes in integrated circuits manufactured in the modern, high density processes, can be simultaneously disrupted in space by cosmic radiation. This technology allows these integrated circuits to continue to operate properly, thus enabling reliable, higher performance space-based computing than previously possible. Read More >>
U.S. Patent 7,445,721 | Reactive filtration
Issued November 4, 2008
Inventor: Gregory Moller  
This technology, also licensed to Blue Water Technologies, is used to remove undesirable organic compounds from wastewater treatment plant discharge streams. These contaminants include birth control, hormone, and other pharmaceutical based chemicals that have been shown to impact the environment. Read More >>
U.S. Plant Variety Certificate 200200157 | Ivory Crisp
Issued October 2, 2008
Breeder: Steve Love
The Ivory Crisp potato is a specialty and early chipping variety with high specific gravity and medium to high yield. It has good cold chipping potential and long-term storage capability. It produced better chip color both out of 40 and 50°F storage and it is less susceptible to hollow heart than the Atlantic variety.
U.S. Patent 7,399,416 | Reactive filtration
Issued July 15, 2008
Inventors: Gregory Moller, Kevin M. Brackney, Roger A. Korus, Gerald M. Keller, Jr., Brian K.
Hart, and Remembrance L. Newcombe 
This technology is the basis for the creation of Blue Water Technologies, Inc. and removes contaminates from drinking water supplies and the discharge of wastewater treatment facilities such as arsenic, phosphorus, and selenium. The importance of this technology was recognized by Water Environment Foundation with the presentation of the Federation’s Eddy Wastewater Principles and Processes Medal, its highest award in this field. Read More >>
U.S. Patent 7,323,620 | Activation of equine oocytes
Issued January 29, 2008
Inventors: Gordon L. Woods and Dirk K. Vanderwall
This technology led to the healthy birth of the first equine clones. The healthy birth of the 3 mule clones validated the hypothesis about the importance of the intercellular calcium concentration in the control of age related diseases. Read More >>