Innovation Awards

Innovation Impacting Society

Thursday March 22nd
Location: Commons Clearwater Room

9:30 – 10:30 Presentation - Learn More
10:30-11:30 Reception

Innovation Awards are given to those who have and are engaged with innovation that can impact society through technology commercialization. The awards recognize those individuals who have moved technologies from their research labs into the marketplace via licenses or have been issued U.S. patents.

The annual awards also recognize companies that have licensed University of Idaho technologies.

The Office of Technology Transfer and the university want to encourage others to begin thinking about applying their discoveries in ways to directly benefit society by creating commercial products and services.

John Shovic, Ph.D

Dr. Shovic will present lessons from 25 years of entrepreneuring and how chaos has affected each of his six companies. He will talk about key decisions, disasters and responses to those chaotic crises. More