2008-2009 Featured Invention Disclosures

 OTT Case Number  Inventors Title
07-012 Kenneth Cain, Benjamin LaFrentz & Scott LaPatra Coldwater Disease Vaccine
07-013 Jeffrey Young Broadband Antenna, Comb Circulator CLIC/CLAC
07-014 Daniel Conte de Leon & James Alves-Foss Method for Discovering Potential Errors and for Constructing Safer Systems
07-015 Chien Wai, Joanna Wang & Alexander B. Smetana Fabrication of Ordered Nanoparticle Arrays
07-016 Dev S. Shrestha Automated Soil Sampler
07-017 Monte Boisen Polya Video Collection
07-018 I. Francis Cheng & Shimizu Kenichi Nano Platinum on Carbon Nanotubes
07-019 James Hawkins, Kim Goodwin & Kevin Rapasky Surveyor Optics to Improve Visibility for Rush Skeletonweed
07-020 Lee A. Vierling & Steven R. Garrity Instrument for Automated Remote Measurement of Vegetation Productivity
07-021 Jack Brown Clearwater Spring Rapeseed
07-022 Jack Brown Gem Spring Rapeseed
08-001 Gregory Donohoe Low Power Reconfigurable Data Processing Platform
08-002 Sea Min Edible Films and Coatings From Potato Peels
08-003 Matthew Morra Phytoxic Landscape Fabrics and Mulches
08-004 Terry Quinn, Clifford Clark & Darren Web-based Door Access Request Routing Engine
08-005 Herbert L. Hess & Prabal Upadhyaya Varactor-based Resonant Power Converter
08-006 Robert Keefe Recreational rail cycle, motorized recreational off-road vehicle, and wheel chair for portable rail system
08-007 Richard Wall & Gabriel DeRuwe Advanced Accessible Pedestrian Control System for the Physically Disabled
08-008 Sea Min & Matthew Morra Biopolymer Biodegradable/Edible Films and Coatings from Mustard Meals
08-009 Sea Min, Caleb Nindo & Karin Bolland-Magoon Biopolymer Biodegradable/Edible Film Production by Refractance Window Drying
08-010 Sea Min & Tony J. Zhonglin Nano-Composite Biopolymer Film Formation from Natural Biopolymer Materials by High-Pressure, Ultrasound, and Gamma-Ray Irradiation
08-011 Wusi C. Maki, Paul Winterrowd, Niranka Mishra & Ron Nelson Universal Biosensor with Integrated Nano and Microelectronics
08-012 Keun Seok Seo, Mary J. Hamilton & William C. Davis Bovine Monoclonal Antibodies LND41A, DC77A
08-013 William C. Davis, Mary J. Hamilton, Keun Seok Seo & Gregory Bohach Bovine Monoclonal Antibodies (FOX9A; FOX5A; FOX20A)
08-014 Robert Hiromoto An Authentication Protocol for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks with Embedded Certificates
08-015 Matthew Morra Oxides as Additives to Improve Brassicacea Meal Bioherbicide Formulations
08-016 Milos Manic & Kurt Warren Derr Wireless Intelligent Traffic Analysis System
08-017 Jeffrey Young Delta Circulator Canceller (DECCA)
08-018 Alexander Karasev, Xiaojun Hu, Stewart Gray, Jonathan Whitworth & James Crosslin Genetic Determinant of Potato Virus Y Causing Potato Tuber Necrotic Ringspot Disease (PTNRD)
08-019 Alexander Karasev & Xiaojun Hu Genetic Determinant of Potato Virus Y Causing Tobacco Veinal Necrosis
08-020 Glen Weiser Possible New Species of the Genus Mannheimia (Bacterial Family Pasteurellaceae)
08-021 Dean B. Edwards, Sunil Patankar & J. David Newell Porous Microspheres as Additives in Lead-Acid Batteries
08-022 Suat U. Ay A Single-Slope Look-Ahead-Ramp (SSLAR) Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) for Column-Parallel CMOS Image Sensors
08-023 Sea Min Apple Peel-Based Biopolymer Films and Coatings
08-024 I. Francis Cheng & Derek F. Laine Electrochemical Detection of Hexamethylenetriperoxidediamine and Triacetone Triperoxide
08-025 Patrick Hrdlicka & Pawan Kumar Synthesis and Applications of C5-Functionalized Locked Nucleic Acid (LNA)
08-026 Richard Wall, Phil Tate, Gabriel DeRuwe, Craig Craviotto, Cody Browne & Zane Sapp Advanced Accessible Pedestrian System for Signalized Traffic Intersections
08-027 Norman Pendegraft Device for Teaching Public Key Encryption
08-028 Donn Thill & Joan Campbell Herbicide Resistance/Persistance Computer Program
08-029 Onesmo Balemba Herbal Remedies
08-030 Robert Zemetra  Wheat Variety - Bitteroot
08-031 Robert Zemetra UICF - "Lambert" Wheat Variety
08-032 Rodney Hill Endocytosis of Nanoparticles
08-033 Suat U. Ay A Compact, Wide Supply Range Power-on Reset Pulse Generator (POR-PG) Circuit with Low-Power and Low-Voltage Operation Capability
08-034 I. Francis Cheng & Yuqun Xie A Method for the Rapid and Selective Detection of Triacetoneperoxide
08-035 Timothy Teyler, Ian J. Kirk, Idil Cavus & Jeffrey P. Hamm Screening Neurocognitive Pharmaceuticals
08-036 Jeffrey Young, Chris Wagner, Brandon Aldecoa, John Rockway, Jeffrey Allen & Diana Arceo Wideband UHF and VHF Circulators for Military and Commercial Communication Systems
08-037 Kerry Huber & Arkkrapan Anatachote Separation and Isolation of Intact Parenchyma Cells from Raw Potato Tissue
08-038 Matthew Morra, Donn Thill & John Brassicaceae Seed Meals and Seed Meal Extracts as Bioherbicides to Control Aquatic Weeds
09-001 Dean B. Edwards, Simon D. McAllister, I. Fancis Cheng & Sunil Patankar Conductive Additives for Improved Lead-Acid Battery Performance
09-002 Kenneth Cain C6-6 Enterobacter sp.
09-003 Bryce Contor, Garth Taylor & Greg Moore Spreadsheet Tool for Estimating Economic Demand for Irrigation Water Using Commodity Prices and Evapotranspiration Production Functions
09-004 Gary Maki & Sterling Whitaker New RHBD Electronics
09-005 Dean B. Edwards, Simon D. McAllister, I. Francis Cheng & Sunil Patanakr Lead Dioxide Coated Hollow Glass Microspheres as Conductive Additive for Lead-Acid Battery
09-006 Jeffrey C. Stark & Margaret Bain Alpine Russet Potato Variety
09-007 Jeffrey C. Stark & Margaret Bain Clearwater Russet Potato Variety
09-008 Jeffrey C. Stark & Margaret Bain Classic Russet Potato Variety
09-009 Jeffrey C. Stark & Margaret Bain A84180-8 Retread Potato Variety
09-010 Shree Singh Kimberly - Common Bean Variety
09-011 Shree Singh Shoshone - Common Bean Variety
09-012 Shree Singh Sawtooth - Common Bean Variety
09-013 Franklin Bailey, Frank H. Andres & Susan E. Childers Microbe or Group of Microbes Useful in the Extraction of Precious Metals
09-014 Shree Singh Hungerford - Common Bean Variety
09-015 Thomas Bitterwolf & J. David Newell Noble Metal Sequestration in DWPF Waste
09-016 Suat U. Ay Programmable Ramp Generator for SSLAR ADC
09-017 Gregory Donohoe Power Radiation Tolerant Reconfigurable Computing for Spacecraft