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If you see your work falling under one of the thematic areas for human communities, please update your bio to include that information.
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Thematic Areas

Individuals are encouraged to contact facilitators to share their research and outreach ideas, potential funding sources, potential collaborators and additional relevant information. 
Political Policy and Economic Challenges
Economic development, policy issues (water governance, immigration and citizenship, etc.), inequalities, decision making, empowering community members (community action, politicizing communities), etc.
Facilitators: Abelardo Rodriguez ( & Bryan McQuide (
Health & Society/Environmental Challenges to Human Communities
Public and community health, environmental community concerns and responses, bioethics, community health/environmental literacy; criminal violence.
Facilitators: Sean Quinlan ( & Melanie Neuilly (
Collaborations with indigenous populations on a number of topics including language preservation; educational attainment and success of diverse students; marginalization/stereotypes; diversity challenges and conflicts; civility; gender/sexuality/ethnicity/disability/aging community focused studies.
Facilitators: Annette Folwell ( & Traci Craig (
K-12/higher education aspiration and success; virtual methods for teaching humanities; communication/online practices; humanities workshops for communities; humanities as therapy.
Facilitators: Michele Leavitt ( & Rosanna Lauriola (