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Coffee shopNative American festivities at UI- Kibbie Dome

Human Communities

Exploring, representing, performing and communicating human life lies at the heart of the humanities and arts. Throughout time, the arts and humanities have fueled the human spirit, defining what it means to be human. Social scientists can provide theoretical frameworks, methodologies, and research skills to study and improve the human condition. Collaboratively, the humanities, arts, and social sciences bring a unique set of knowledge and methods to understanding human nature, human experience, how people create, and what it means to be human in relation to each other and the environment.

The approaches in the humanities, arts, and social sciences have important implications for understanding any problem that involves how humans behave, how they interact, how they pursue a quality of life, and how they create and change over time. The goal of this signature area is to encourage scholars to work collaboratively towards the study, improvement, and celebration of human communities.