An Investment In Our Future

Research activity at the University of Idaho continues to increase bringing with it insight and innovation to the state, the nation and the world. This past year the university generated more than $89 million in research funding, an increase of 7.5 percent over the prior year.

Research funding generated by the University of Idaho constitutes about 74 percent of all research funding earned by Idaho public universities. During the same time period, total sponsored activity at the university topped $129 million over the previous year; that's roughly 70 percent of all sponsored funding brought in by Idaho's public universities.

University of Idaho Funding Highlights
$40 Million Grant Fuels Collaborative, Renewable Energy Research in Northwest
Recent breakthroughs in biofuels technology could result in a “greener” jet stream across the Pacific Northwest.
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$700,000 Grant Supporting Math/Biology Education
NSF has awarded $700,000 to researchers and educators at the U-Idaho and WSU supporting interdisciplinary undergraduate training in mathematics and biology.
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Micron's $1.2 Million Leadership Gift For STEM Education Research
University researchers will reach out to Idaho’s population and identify what creates barriers to STEM learning.
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$150,000 Grant to Study the Human Influence on Water Resources
The U-Idaho College of Natural Resources and WSU recently received $150,000 from the NSF supporting a sustainability study of the human influence on regional water resources.
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$1.7 Million Grant to Unlock Plasmid Transfer Secrets
Thanks to a five-year, $1.7 million grant from the National Institutes of Health, U-Idaho researchers will study drug resistance plasmids.
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