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Lisette Waits 2006

Lisette Waits, associate professor of fish and wildlife resources, joined the University of Idaho in 1997. Her professional interests include conservation biology, conservation genetics, molecular ecology and molecular systematics. In the research arena, she is recognized nationally and internationally for quality work and the usefulness of the results in both theoretical and management areas. Waits also is a creative teacher and compassionate mentor. A former student stated, “Her help… and personal guidance as a mentor were indispensable elements of my graduate experience.” She has worked to develop a Candidate Conservation Agreement (CCA) for vulnerable plant and animal species on lands and grazing allotments near Weiser. Through collaboration with other University of Idaho faculty members, she also has secured nearly $1 million to co-direct the Center for Research on Invasive Species and Small Populations. She also is a co-investigator on a $2.6 million Integrated Graduate Education and Research Traineeship project, funded by the National Science Foundation.