University of Idaho Administration Building

Nominate a Colleague

Any University of Idaho faculty member may place in nomination the name of a colleague. To do so, he or she must provide:
  1. A letter of nomination that describes the nominees scholarly or creative accomplishments, the body of work to be recognized, the significance of the work, the role played in multi-author works, and mentoring of coworkers to careers in subjects or related fields.
  2. Two letters of support from internationally acclaimed practitioners (non-U-Idaho) in the field who can speak knowledgeably of the nominee’s contributions to the discipline.
  3. Two to three letters from current or former coworkers describing the nominee’s excellence as a mentor and professional in the discipline. (Note: nominees should not be encouraged or permitted to solicit letters supporting this nomination.)
  4. Full curriculum vitae.
  5. Reprints, reviews and other documentation may be included provided that the subject is restricted to the work on which the nomination is based (not more than 5).

Submissions are due Friday, January 30, 2015. One full packet of originals should be submitted to the Office of Research and Economic Development, Morrill Hall 105 and one electronic packet in .pdf format must be sent by email to by the due date.