Compliance & Safety

Teaching, research, and service are the University of Idaho’s basic functions. It is U-Idaho policy that its employees conform to established ethical standards in the conduct of their research and creative activities consistent with the Universities’ position as a land-grant institution and preeminent center for research-oriented graduate programs.

Responsible Conduct of Research
Recent changes to NSF’s award polices include a requirement for training in the Responsible Conduct of Research for all graduate students, undergraduate students and post docs working on NSF grants.
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Animal Care and Use Committee
Assuring the humane care and use of animals in teaching and research.
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Institutional Biosafety Committee
Assuring the safe use and handling of biological materials, including recombinant DNA molecules at all University facilities.
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Institutional Review Board
Assuring the rights of humans in research and maintaining confidentiality of data.
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Export Control
Export Control at the University of Idaho
Export controls are U.S. laws and regulations that regulate the distribution of technology, services and information to foreign nationals and foreign countries for reasons including foreign policy and national security.
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Environmental Health & Safety
Environmental Health and Safety, EHS, is a resource to the campus community to ensure a safe and healthy working and learning environment.
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